how i toned my stomach in ONE WEEK ✰ what i eat + exercises

sign the “justice for breonna taylor”…


39 thoughts on “how i toned my stomach in ONE WEEK ✰ what i eat + exercises

  1. I love your videos! But could you add English subs for your videos? Sometimes I have trouble hearing (not your fault, mine) because I have a hearing problem, and could also help other people with hearing problems! I can help you with the subs if you want

  2. I think it’s so interesting how so many dancers struggle with body image and eating disorders. That “ballet body” is not a natural figure for every dancer but that’s what a lot of them will aspire to. We appreciate your bravery and transparency. 🤎

  3. I cannot get over how gorgeous you are, and also I LOVE your name! It’s such a unique name and yet is amazingly pretty, it sounds French. This is actually the first time I watched a video on this channel (I listen to your eggtopia subliminals) but now I’m subbed!

  4. Omgggg sis I started my period THE EXACT SAME DAY YOU STARTED YOURS. I just finished mine but like my period tracker shows i started my period on the 2nd lol.

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