How I Lost Over 250 Pounds (My Top 11 Fat Loss Tips!)

Coming from someone who’s struggled in the past with losing body fat, I want to share in this…


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  1. Lacey please help! I am doing intermittent fasting but I am gaining weight. I am eating healthy, and low calories. I only eat a treat once a week. I am starting to walk because my life is sedentary due to office work. This is not fun. Please help this is depressing.

  2. Did this do anything for your vaginal/reproductive health? Like Ph balance, discharge, scent, menstrual pains. We, as women, go through many challenges when it comes to that area. That's no secret at all. I've been doing research and women have been seeing positive results by healing their gut. I want to give this product a try because I want to feel good overall.

  3. Great advice!! Just one thing to add- Cut out all of the highly processed oils that are full of trans fat & omega 6's- Vegetable, Canola, Soybean, Corn, Sunflower, and Safflower oils. Use Avocado Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil instead. Look up FlavCity with Bobby Parrish's channel for legit Avocado Oil & Olive Oil as many are mixed with cheaper oils like Canola or Soybean.
    Avocado Oil-–2YBI-sn4
    Olive Oil-

  4. I just found you while trying to gain knowledge on fasting and keto. You look amazing and very healthy I haven't had a chance to watch all your videos yet, I'm just can't believe you lost over 250lbs I can't imagine you obese and your skin looks amazing. Im not sure if you have shared any personal in formation in your videos and excuse me for asking if you don't want to share I totally understand , but have you had skin removal because just watching you it looks like you haven't your skin is beautiful and happy to follow you.

  5. Coffee is not a one size fits all. When I drink coffee I gain weight. That is because of the cortisol connection in some people including me. Adrenal burnout from over caffeinating well result in the body storing fat for what seems to be a constant emergency situation in the body chemistry’s mind. Green tea releases that from the body.

  6. Definitely strength training- so many women especially shy away from it- at 47 got back into- my body completely changed in two months! Took the extra weight right off along with MACROS! Two things I definitely recommend

    Carb confusion helped me a lot! It may work for you too if you are a woman over 40.

  7. Visceral fat is the dangerous fat surrounding the organs. Subcutaneous fat is ugly on the body but not as dangerous. Sugar and snacking all day is the best way to accumulate both types of fat.

  8. She showed pics … Are y'all blind. 👏👏👏 Don't listen to these losers… Sounds like jealous people. I'm down 139lbs in 2 years and have gained about 25 during covid with broken leg…. I can't wait to heal, to get back on the grind. Thank you for sharing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. So the problem I have with cutting out refined foods is that vegetables and fruit as are so low calorie that getting my 2500 calories per day through anything not packaged it tough. I’d be eating the same nuts and peanut butter in order to reach my calories

  10. Thank you for explaining WHAT a healthy lifestyle actually means. We can all infer eat better and exercise, but what that actually looks like – that was super beneficial!

  11. I was doing Keto and not checking what my Macros actually was. Once I calculated my macros, I realized that KETO is not meant for me. My Diet is mostly Carbs, Protein and then the smallest number is fat. I had no idea. Here i was following Keto to the fullest and I kept gaining I ended up gaining 21 extra pounds. Calculating the macros has been a real help.

  12. Great content! You do such a great job of covering all the important aspects of fitness, weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle the right way!! Nice!! You clearly understand math and science🤘

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