how i got a bigger butt in 2 weeks! (2 week butt transformation!)

what’s good my dudes (:


34 thoughts on “how i got a bigger butt in 2 weeks! (2 week butt transformation!)

  1. Girl dont stop posting videos!!! U will see ur channel start blowing up the more consistent u are!!!! Consistentency over perfection any day!!!

  2. There are a few suggestions for increasing butt size naturally
    look for some easy exercises online
    Do some toning exercises such as weighted squats and donkey kicks.
    Try changing your diet. Eat lots of protein and the right type of carbs and fats.
    Wear the right clothes. Try butt-lifting underwear or a girdle.
    (I learned these and why they work on Magic butt blueprint website )

  3. i stopped working out for a while and now im ONLY doing cardio and my butt is g o n e so now im frantically trying to get it back lmfaoo

  4. for everyone hoping this works. you can’t get results in just TWO WEEKS, that’s crazy, it takes a good 5 months, just saying. im tired of seeing these videos, no offense.

  5. i really hope that this works tbh im trying to glow up in 2 weeks cause of quarantine

    Update: so I actually did see a difference I didn’t measure though Cus im a dumbass but It definitely grew I was sore asf after the first day but it slowly got easier, I would suggest this but I think the chloe ting one is a bit more effective, I’ve been doing her 2 week shred challenge and I’m seeing pretty good results after the first week

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