Hourglass Side Booty Workout | Hip Dips Workout – Hourglass Program

Brand new 2021 Challenge! This 10 min workout works the side of your , and you…


33 thoughts on “Hourglass Side Booty Workout | Hip Dips Workout – Hourglass Program

  1. guys, am I the only one that just CAN'T AT ALL do the "single leg glute bridge abduction" cause it hurts so bad that feels like I'm about to pull a muscle? I just can't understand ???? I try be best to do it like in the best possible way

  2. It's day 17! Can't believe I actually made it this far into the challenge. I am the kind to start a challenge but then be like, chuck it! ToT

    Just want to say that, it didn't take me 17 days to get here. It took more. I had more active rest days in between but I am still proud of myself for not giving up ^^

    Here's to the last round of this workout! 😀

  3. I just finished Day 17 of the hourglass challenge..
    1st time : no resistance bands
    2nd time : medium resistance band
    3rd time : Heavy resistance bands

    It got hard the 3rd time but i finished it. So happy!!

  4. Me trying to bring in at least 10 mins workouts into my everyday routine – my dog thinking it's time for play or cuddles.

    During the second excercise she was learning over my face concerned, then laid on top of me when I tried turning over, and basically throughout the whole thing kept pawing at me and trying roll me over 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. Heyyy
    I’m doing the Hourglass Programm, but I can’t really feel the burn in her Videos, even though I’m sure they are hard enough for me cause so many people find them hard and I’m very untalented in sports. I’m doing them without resistance bands cause my budget is… very small. So I wanted to ask if u guys think it’s worth it to get some (if it makes the workouts harder) and if u have any suggestions where I can get them cheap. Thanks!

  6. Hey! I love ur workouts sm!! U make me want to be as fut as i can! Honestly gives me so much more confidence- hence where in lockdown in sydney✨

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