Hey everyone jessica here, personal trainer from miami florida. Today I’m, going to walk you guys through an awesome ab workout it’s, really gonna get you that tone, firm, look and it’s. Gon na get your , nice and nice and strong for other too.

So we’re, going to start off seated, so we’re gonna go right here, so we’re, going to bring our legs up and then we’re, going to go sides up and then to The sides we’re, going to do fifteen and then fifteen outward make sure you’re breathing throughout your entire routine.

Don’t hold your breath few more last, two: okay awesome that was the first one. This is gonna take about ten minutes or less to complete. So next one we’re gonna go flat on their . We’re, going to do alternate toe touches.

So if we start with our left leg up, we’re gonna bring up our right hand, make the meet fifteen each side. Alright catch your breath. Guys, third exercise: we’re, going to do seated, meet ups, so to the seated position where we started feet together.

Now we’re, going to tuck our knees in and then all the way out with our legs in we’re, going to go for 20, that’s. Ten ten, more all right take a sip of water. If you have to wipe the sweat off, we’re, going to keep going after you that we have 20 rotating plugs.

So after you car your breath drank a sip of water. We’re, going to go into the plank position. Let’s, go into our forms and we’re gonna do 20 in total, so 10, each side all the way out that’s. Ten about halfway there, ten more that’s 20 hope you guys are really doing this with me should for your core burning? Okay, so let’s lay back down for this next one.

What I like to call penguins! So these are really good on your obliques, the sides of your core, and we’re gonna put our hands by your side and we’re gonna touch our ankles alternating sides. So let’s.

Do a total of 30 so 15 per side, 10. 10. More sorry, 20! More don’t. Mind me: now we got ten more seven one and rest okay after you’ve caught your breath, keep up with me guys if you need a few more seconds, that’s! Fine! Next, we’re, going to go back into the plank position.

Okay, so, instead of going all the way out now we’re, going to do hip Rock clinks. So back into the plank positions, we’re, going to go on our forums one more time and we’re just going to rock our hips from side to side keeping your course, your core it nice and tight on your back straight 30, in total, fifteen 15, more Oh drink, some water, all right who’s ready for the next one flutter kicks see it.

It once again point those toes and we’re, going to do 30, flutter kicks 30 and suona in total 15. Each leg, okay, so actually did 30 on each leg instead of 15 on each leg. So if you can do that even better, so we have one more exercise make sure you got your breath for this one.

So we’re, going to finish strong. We’re, going to do 15, shoulder tap planks to the plank position. One more time – and we’re – going to tap our shoulders 30 in total, so we’re gonna top each shoulder 15 times, okay, while keeping your core nice and tight all right.

So I really hope you guys did this workout with me. If you did make sure to give it a thumbs up, leave a comment below on how it works for you and make sure you subscribe. I’ll, see you guys next time you


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