HIIT OR LISS: Which Is Better For FAT LOSS? (What The Science Says)

In this video, we look at the behind (HIIT) and


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  1. Hiit can't be done on a regular basis… Puts the nervous system in pressure… That makes the plus point of hiit into negative its not actually time efficient if you cant do it more often… The afterburn effect is so bad that liss feels less tume time consuming if you know what i mean..

  2. The best for fat loss is…. whichever method you choose and can stick to. Personally…. I lift 6 days a week for 40-60 minute sessions. I have always preferred LISS for the very reason stated in the video. HIIT + weight training is redundant IMO. When I'm done with a lifting session… I feel like I just got beat up. I don't need that from cardio too. My goal with cardio is that when I'm done I might be winded for a minute after I finish but that's about it. That and my legs feel like jello for 10-30 seconds after I finish. Anything more than that and I feel liked it's more of a training/ lifting session. I should not be or get sore from friggin cardio. If you do get sore from cardio and have been lifting/ working out for a while now – IMO you're doing it wrong.

  3. Great video Jeff! But one thing that was not mentioned is HIIT is one of the most time efficient to boost your VO2max and cardiovascular function. So don't give up on HIIT when knowing it is not much beneficial then LISS for weight loss!!!

  4. I haven’t watched the video yet but I feel like it’s gonna be someone breaking down definitions and science for 10 mins only to tell me by the 11 minute mark that both are generally used for fat loss.

  5. For me it's definitely LISS:
    – I can't motivate myself to do HIIT properly and actually go full on
    – Both is boring for me but when I do LISS, I can actually focus on thinking about my own stuff and not be 100% mentally focused on forcing myself to do HIIT
    – I love cycling, swimming and I can bear running so it's easier for me to do those even if it takes more time than doing HIIT
    – After LISS I'm not exhausted and don't feel absolutely destroyed so I can actually go and do stuff around the house and garden for the rest of the day (or I just feel ok for the job)
    – LISS is definitely better for endurance and you train your lungs, HIIT for explosive speed and energy and you train your heart… at least from my experience

  6. I rest about 3-4 minutes between bouts of slamming a heavy ball into the ground about 12-15 times.
    I know it seems lazy but that’s how long it takes for my heart rate to come back down to the point I can go 100% again, not half-arsing it. I’m assuming that recovery time will improve over time but we’ll see.

    If you add up the rest time that’s about 21-28 minutes of resting, so until I get better at recovering, it’s not as time efficient.

  7. Would really love to see more details on the study saying HIIT and LISS burn the same amount of calories with respect to time. I think we worship these labcoats a bit too much (and I'm an engineer myself). Some of these studies look highly flawed and also let's not ignore practicality. A 30 minute insanity workout drenched sweat will never be equivalent to 30 minute brisk walk on a treadmill. We need to strictly define HIIT and LISS. Because some of these LISS workouts may actually be intense enough to be considered HIIT…

  8. I rather do HIIT and get it done in 15-20 minutes then lift for an hour and then walk in place for a boring hour. Cardio sucks no matter what so choose your hard. But if I’m not cutting really hard (prep) I’ll do a steady state 30 minute.

  9. This was a good meta-analysis of several studies, but what I am interested in are the affects of HGH, often generated with HIIT vs the cortisol generated. One thing I've heard is that a shorter HIIT session provides HGH to make it worth (or offset) what amount cortisol is produced. Another thing I've heard is that LISS provides greater benefit because there is little to NO cortisol produced. Any ideas related to these hormones? I suspect this is part of the reason for the redundancy of HIIT and a regular strength training work out: the potential for cortisol spike.

  10. Great video. But I think there would be less adherence to HIIT in the long term since it’s stressful. At least that’s what the literature seems to show. Nice info though.

  11. hey guys so i do mma, im 5'9 225lbs im pretty fat im 18, i have muscle to tho, but i just had 1 question does cardio get better when losing the fat? because i feel tired and hate how my gas tank is soooo bad, like i see newbies out lasting me sometimes, my goal weight is 170lbs-175. so please answer if i will have better cardio when im droppin weight???

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