Highly Effective Weight loss

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28 thoughts on “Highly Effective Weight loss

  1. I m not clear on this…what does this mean? Do we walk for 2 mins then run for 20 seconds..then again walk for 2 minutes.and run for 20 seconds? And then repeat the entire thing?

  2. I started with 10 seconds light run and 1 minute of walk. Repeated 5 times. At the end: a nice stretch (yoga) and vacuum stomach hold 5 sec. Twice or 3 times a week. Lost 1 cm around waist after 2 weeks.

  3. Thank you….I do this with running. I've lost 3 stone since February this year. I'm just after a knee injury so gonna try this on my Echelon home bike.

  4. I so enjoy your videos..have been watching them for a few weeks now. I am using several of the exercises you demonstrated and I am seeing a difference in my body. I thank you so much for sharing your knowledge…and your positive attitude.

  5. Will this help with my diabetis? I'm 56 and struggle with my weight, also what type and how much protein do I aim for daily? Great video many thanks…Dave.

  6. Great video, although I wish you would explain more the WHY in the body.
    I know some things already, but it's always interesting to know why this or that is happening.

  7. I am NOT advocating for a bad diet, but how do you explain people who gain weight the healthier they eat? I am one of those people. I eat healthy because I feel good but I gain weight eating healthy, but when I eat like fast food, I lose weight. No one has ever been able to answer this question for me. It drives me nuts because it is like a catch 22 for my life!

  8. So I done salads and eggs water and that's it. 1200 calories maximum a day. I'm a trucker I work mainly sitting. I've only off 3 Days every 2 months. But on weekends once a day I eat 2000 calories in whatever I want. I've noticed I'm slowly losing weight and keeping weight off. But I need to start exercising to start building muscle. Otherwise I'm slowly sliming. I'm 6'4 250lb and female.. your right about what you eat makes a difference. I used to eat bread and hamburgers and french fries I cut out all of that and I've noticed a big difference.

  9. Hi, I liked your video. But as I heard before, from one of my close
    fitnes trainer, your burning callories dipends on your age And you must control aswell your Pulse, to keep execise in that typical level, which JUST suit you, otherwise you might not burn fat. JUST only opinion, nothing alse.

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