Healthy Cooking Oils

The American Heart Association’s program teaches you how the…


22 thoughts on “Healthy Cooking Oils

  1. The use of coconut oil for cooking is considered to be somewhat controversial in health. There are so many advantages as well as disadvantages also. When advised to have healthy foods they say not to use too much coconut oil. Because it contains plenty of saturated fat, that increases the risk of heart disease. But according to some modern researches they are saying that some saturated fat increase the risk of heart diseases and some are very essential for the health of the body.

  2. She did say healthier. While it is true that these low saturated fats are healthier than animal (dairy and flesh) and coconut this video is misleading. None of these oils can be considered healthy according to the science. Extra virgin olive oil that is not used for cooking is the only one that is neutral to health. I have four cookbooks and none to them use oil in cooking. Steam, roast or sauté in water or vegetable broth. I am confused as to why the American Heart Association would publish this video.

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