Healthy Cooking Oils 101

Olive, Canola, sesame, oh my! So many oils so little time! Find basic uses for a variety of…


41 thoughts on “Healthy Cooking Oils 101

  1. Seed/vegetable oils are killing people. Healthy fats are butter, lard, coconut oil, olive oil. The AHA is taking money by people who are bribing them. Do your own research. The AHA and FDA aren't interested in health. Prior to 200 years ago, people lived on lard and butter and tallow and suet and they didn't have the heart disease we have today. They ate good fats that the AHA is calling bad. They ate less tk no sugar, no processed foods, and no veggie/seed oils.

  2. The American Heart Association are funded by the industries that make the vegetable oils they promote beginning with Proctor & Gamble back in the early 1900s. Vegetable oils cause cancer, and are especially toxic when heated. Avoid like the plague. This is industry propaganda pure and simple.

  3. Sad to hear that we live in world where the "American Heart Association" is just a 'catchy, marketing' name for a million dollar organization that has long since been bought and paid for by corporate organizations whose main goal is to maximize profit along with the minimal to non-existent standards of actually promoting human health for the benefit of the American society. I stay cautiously optimistic though as I long for the day that may change. Life is truly precious and if you value it, I suggest you research the benefits and risks of certain types of oils. For example, in my world, canola oil (also a misleading name for an oil as its hypnotic name suggests that it is natural and comes from nature) should only be used as wood furniture polish and to polish the dashboard in your car and should not be ingested into the human body bc of its refining process and how it is made and produced. There's so— much more I'd like to add but just read the other YouTube comments here

  4. Everyone acts like they're a doctor here. If you know so much then why are you here? PSA… don't drown your food in oil, use in excessive amounts, or use daily. Just like other high calorie dense foods. The point of this video is to compare the oils. It never said anything was "healthy".

  5. I have been told to avoid RICE BRAN OIL as" it is cause of both inflammation and the mitochondrial dysfunction which is believed to be causes of insulin resistance." Dr. Paul Saladino, Dr. Cate Shanahan, Dr. Michael Eades and others have been quoted for above opinion.Please guide.

  6. If you listen to this propaganda you deserve to be Sick. When I removed vegetable oils, seed oils out of my diet my diabetes Miraculously went away. This is the truth and let the truth set you free. Hopefully from vegetable oils.

  7. Absolute Lies. The AHA is a corrupt organization that has been killing people with their dangerous advice since their inception. They are paid for by the food industry. Saturated fats are the safest fast to cook with. Polyunsaturated fats become trans fats when heated and cause heart disease by increasing inflammation in the body.

  8. This food is brought to you by The American Heart Association, who used to label foods like Cocoa Puffs as heart healthy…good to see that many people are starting to wake up.
    Back in 2009 when I finally figured this out, I took my bottle of vegetable oil out to the garage to use as a lubricant.
    Back then, nobody would listen to me when I warned them about the dangers of seed oils and sugar.
    Now, many more people have seen the light. Good to see people questioning the major corporations and groups like the biased AHA.

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