Healthy Cooking Challenge with what's left in my fridge…

I know that you guys have been having a lot of with me over the past few weeks on the…


36 thoughts on “Healthy Cooking Challenge with what's left in my fridge…

  1. I am sorry, but Casey you can’t just go around saying “egg porn”. People don’t want to hear you saying things like that. It almost makes me want to stop doing your videos. I know you have gone through a lot of hate comments but I think this comment is something that needed to be said.

  2. You're such a kind family! I think it's also kind that you guys intentionally or unintentionally forgot to judge Jackelyn with a number, because you can see she really took it hard when even the boiled egg wasn't soft! You guys know each other and respect each other. I love to see that. Much love send to all of you!

  3. Just advice for life, soft boiled egg is usually 5 minutes or less if the water is at a full boil 😀 or you can get one of those egg cooking thingies, where it looks like an egg and you put it together with the egg in the water and it tells you if the egg right now is hard or soft boiled and u take it out when u want 😀 always works, but not sure if they have them everywhere.

  4. Yes to the learning more self-care, Cassey! <3 One of my secret aspirations in life is to be the blogilates mental health consultant. I'm a therapist and V good at what I do just ask my clients!!! haha. Blogilates helps me unwind after listening to other people's trauma all day. I'll send my cover letter and resume your way. 😉

  5. I love Jackie's plating, honestly 🥰 She inspired me to put some new twists on our typical dinners at home using seasoned vegetable purees to make things fancy-lookin'. However, you absolutely cannot go wrong with fried rice with those ingredients the way Cassey did it 😉 Cooking never goes perfectly, and that's the beauty of it 💖 Great job to both of you! I'd definitely eat both, hehe

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