Healthy Cheap Meals Under $1.50 | EASY Budget Friendly Meal Ideas

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21 thoughts on “Healthy Cheap Meals Under $1.50 | EASY Budget Friendly Meal Ideas

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  2. So far I've tried the banana pancakes, the potato stew and energy balls. I didn't really like the pancakes and stew, but my husband loved the pancakes and my baby liked the lentils, so I guess it's a win. The energy bites were good.

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  4. How in the world did you come up with the$1.50 per each meal with these ingredients?! You clearly have never been poor if you think this is what families in poverty eat! When I see videos like yours, because there seems to be a real disconnect between your world and the world of those less fortunate! I'm sure you meant well, but you missed the mark in my opinion!

  5. For everyone saying it's "expensive" or it's "out of budget" #1 everyones budget is different you have to do what you have to do in order to fit into YOUR budget. #2 these ingredients aren't all $1.50 it's talking about each serving more then likely meaning serving size of each meal. This is definitely cheaper then paying $6.00 for a McDonalds meal or really any fast food meal. Just think about it guys.

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