Hamstring & GLUTE Isolation Workout / Dumbbells | EPIC II – Day 12

Let’s isolate, activate and engage the and ! This workout is really demand a…


40 thoughts on “Hamstring & GLUTE Isolation Workout / Dumbbells | EPIC II – Day 12

  1. Hey Caroline, I must ask a question about form I can't seem to find anyone that expresses whether you should squeeze the glutes at the top of a sumo squat. Presumably the glutes are 'lifting you up' rather than your quads? Thank you for your work outs by the way, I'm falling in love with them.

  2. With how amazing this workout was, I may just forgive her for absolutely slaughtering me with the HIIT video yesterday 🤣🤣
    Seriously, time flew during this workout, but I still ended up sweating and shaking! Thanks, Caroline!

  3. 💗DAY12💗 COMPLETED!! Crab sets: enjoyed the sweet🔥🥵🔥😁 AMAZING lower body session! 💎thank you Caroline 💎 thank you for the specific exercise explanation too

  4. This was a great one!! I’m so happy I found Caroline. She has brought back the motivation that I was loosing after living in Covid world for over a year. And also contributed to my motivation to kick my drinking habit to the curb. Light amongst the darkness ❤️

  5. The fact that I've used 16kg but still felt like I could use heavier weights – Caroline did this guys, I wouldn't be so strong without her!

  6. I love it when there are no Bulgarian lunges. Managed all of this and feel great. Although my booty doesn’t look as firm as it feels right now!.
    And when Caroline does her little reminder on posture l always say ‘gotcha’ .. now to get ready for my late shift!. 🦵 🍑 ❤️

  7. Those hip thrusts and crab dibs… HORROR! But just got done and I feel like superwoman for enduring to the end! Had to take a couple small rests but I did it!

  8. I know I am ruined the moment I started doing this. Oh my goodness? There aren't a lot of exercises variations but we do it in a lot of ways! Only used pairs of 10lbs and I am roasted already. I just want to get that energy and strength that you have a Caroline. When you do that exercise gracefully I do it with a lot of moaning and groaning. 🤣 Thanks Caroline! My booty is on 🔥

  9. This was so good. Almost didn’t finish it but I’m happy I did. If you have to decrease the weights in order keep proper form to finish, do it! You’ll feel great at the end. Thanks Caroline!

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