GROW BOOTY NOT THIGHS | Home Booty Workout 🍑



30 thoughts on “GROW BOOTY NOT THIGHS | Home Booty Workout 🍑

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  2. Is it just me or do all these over developed booties look very unattractive for women?. I prefer smaller, firm tight round booties,,, but not so big and muscular! Uggggg! Nothing against her video,, shes obviously catering to some kind of audience

  3. Literally i love these exercises for perfect booty..i started few weeks earlier and i can see the result🤘..Thanks for sharing Vicky Justiz❤

  4. I'm going to be doing this work out for 2 weeks. I'm completely flat so hopefully this will make me see a difference

    Day 1: my muscles were burning so much during this ! I'm excited for tomorrow's work outtttt

    Day2: I can already feel my muscles tightening

    Day 3: reat day !!

    Day 4: work out is gradually getting easier

  5. You probably get this all the time but thank you so much! I did not believe I could gain ass by working out but you have proven me wrong, I've only been following this for a week and I can already see a difference! Thank you thank you thankyou

  6. This is exactly what I needed, for the past year I have been doing butt workouts but only my things grew but not my thighs, it was so confusing but now I realised

  7. What do you do for a workout routine for the whole week… I need help. Like for these booty workouts are they everyday or a couple times a week. I just need someone to help me make a routine.

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