Gluteus Maximus (Glute) Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

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34 thoughts on “Gluteus Maximus (Glute) Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

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  2. I woke up one morning with massive pain on my right glutes muscle – mostly because of inactivity during the lockdown. Everyday, I sit on my non-ergonomic chair, staring at my laptop for a few hours.
    So, I went to the clinic and the doctor suggested stretching exercise in order to heal. So i searched in youtube and stumbled upon this video. I did your stretching exercise for half an hour twice a day and i've started to feel better. Now, i'm making stretching a routine for me everyday.
    Thank you, Dr Jo!
    Love from Malaysia! 🥰

  3. The second one where you cross your leg over and keep your foot on your heel cured me! I’m a gymnast and I always practice at home. I’ve been in such lower back/glute pain and that stretched was instant relief! I’ve been putting off gymnastics for weeks because of my pain but now I can finally do it again! 💖

  4. My mother have severe muscle pain which start in right hip from 2 years….. medicine didn't work…..what should she do….now pain start in her complete leg..plz guide

  5. Where have you been all my life!? I injured my glute last year training for my first half-marathon. Since I am a triathlete, I am always swimming, biking, running, and weight training, so I never really let it heal properly. These aee the exercises I've been searching for. Thank you! (And Bear)

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