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40 thoughts on “GLUTES & HAMS FOCUSED LEG DAY | Full Workout | #DLBDaily

  1. I truly love and enjoy your workouts but unfortunately some I’m only able to watch bc I don’t belong to a gym and some of what you showed today couldn’t b modified. For example: the one where u lay on your back and press the leg machine up. What would u suggest to where I could have substituted that? Anything will help. Thanks 😇

  2. Hello Dana, could I do quad workout on Monday, for example, and glutes & hams on Tuesday? Or is it better keep at least 48h because a few exercises from quad can work glutes as well? You are awesome! Thank you for all these amazing workouts =).

  3. Warm up
    3:42 banded RDL
    6:23 Elevated sumo DB squat
    8:39 Vertical leg press (if not available, on Smith machine version. Positioning tips 8:59) 12, 10, 8, 8
    13:07 bodyweight reverse leg curl on swiss ball. 4 sets x12-15 (as opposed to lying leg curl)
    15:43 one and half rep, reverse hack squat. 8 to 10
    19:06 good mornings on hack machine. Hold 2 sec. 4 x 12-15 (Wherever your back goes, your neck follows)
    23:53 kneeling hip thrust on smith machine or hip thirst 4x 8 -10. 2 sec hold
    26:20 banded or weighted hyper (rounded back)
    29:48 Bulgarian split squats

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  5. Love this and I'm so going to do this workout. Except a couple of them that my gym does not have. I've learned a lot from your videos. Would so love to train with you…. You Rock girlfriend….

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