GLUTE WORKOUT with Dumbbells – Glutes Isolation | Circuit Series Day 3

This focused is all putting the work in! Packed with hip thrust variations,…


46 thoughts on “GLUTE WORKOUT with Dumbbells – Glutes Isolation | Circuit Series Day 3

  1. LOVED IT SO SO MUCH! All I can say is thank u so much Caroline for all the effort you put in those workouts and all the time you spend to help us sweat, get confident in our bodys and get stronger. You are incredible and I litterally dont know what I would do without you! LOVE YOU <3 xoxo

  2. If you could add voice over calling the next exercise that would be wonderful & veryyyy useful! 🙏🏼 i use headphones & use my phone yo watch but when im focused & try not to spend too much time while i grab weights, rest & then having to look at the screen 10sec is not enough when having to look at a screen 🤣 or having to rewind the video to see the next exercise takes much longer then hearing it & mentally preparing for it ahead. Love your workouts & always appreciate your content 💗 blessings

  3. I felt it buuuuuurn!!! I really like that your channel is diverse but it remains ordered all the way through the routines !! It makes me want to follow each video of yours!!

  4. Hey Caroline!! Awesome workout today. I did it with my mom, who is a pilates instructor, and she was wondering what the use of the yoga block is in the lunges in the second set?

  5. Amazing 🤩 thank you! I love these workouts with only 10s pauses. I have problems with my knees, I cant do squats with weight etc., but this workout seems to be quite good even for my knees 😁 and I hope my muscles will grow 🙏

  6. Solid start to this one — really tough to push through all those hip thrusts, but I loved the challenge! Didn't feel the burn as much on the last half BUT that just means there's room to adjust technique and challenge myself more next time. Thanks Caroline! 🙂

  7. The first part of the workout was so challenging but I loved every second of it! Working the glutes helps so much with my hip and back pain. Thank you for another great workout! <3

  8. Seriously after doing your Glute workouts Carolina I have to contemplate do I need a nice butt😂🥴. After your workout, I am like, “butts are over-rated.”😂. Thanks for another fantastic workout💪🏾👊🏾💕

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