Glute-ham Raises

“She’ll be in a straight line from her head to her knee.” Coach teaches the…


30 thoughts on “Glute-ham Raises

  1. "she is gona demonstrate here…" needed a few secounds to realize wich he meant. than i looked closer to see if DLB does a guest appearence. πŸ˜€ despite that great demonstration.

  2. Women can do this movement easier then men because of the way weight is distributed on our bodies. Don't believe me, put a chair against a wall, face the chair, bend at the waist 90Β° so you can grasp the seat on the left and right, then lift the chair with your arms. If you're a man, you can not stand up straight from this position (like a good morning). If you are a woman, you can. This is a good trick for a girl to play on a guy by betting him she is stronger than him.

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