Glute Exercise Progressions! | Episode 26

It is imperative to master the fundamentals before working on highly skilled or sports-like…


21 thoughts on “Glute Exercise Progressions! | Episode 26

  1. goblet squat! want to get the bands you feature in your videos.. i saw the link you shared in some of the other comments. i see you using the red band. do you think you can perform the exercises with the blue band? i like to think i'm pretty strong but i also want to use the full range of motion and wasn't sure if the exercises were doable with the blue band. thanks!!! oh more thing, what do you do when your legs require more weight but your hands are small and grip strength isn't the best… i like to use 35# kettlebells but find my hands tire before my legs/glutes.. i do have a barbell as well. wasn't sure if that was the only other option… thanks!!!

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