Glute Ankle Weight Workout – Knee Friendly | Pure Endure Day 4

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47 thoughts on “Glute Ankle Weight Workout – Knee Friendly | Pure Endure Day 4

  1. Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great Thursday!
    Just in relation to this workout, the ankle weights I am using for your reference are 2.5kg each.
    However you don’t need ankle weights in order to do this workout! If you aren’t using ankle weights, really slow the movements especially the way down, instead of more reps at faster pace!
    I hope this helps!
    Also, there is a quick ab workout ‘classic abs’ I completed after and have uploaded here so lots of abs this week and glutes! 🤩

  2. I'm always wary of squats and lunges as my knees are a bit sensitive, so I was chuffed to see this workout…… Just completed it, and it was AMAZING, but I've no idea how I'm going to safely get down the stairs to get my protein shake, my legs are like jelly!

  3. I don't have ankle weights, so I didn't use them and this workout was still incredibly challenging! Thank you Caroline, as always for a fantastic workout!!!

  4. Got my first set of ankle weights yesterday, couldn't wait to do this workout today! Boy was it brutal, but I loved it 💃
    Had to weightless for the adductor lifts due to DOMS from one of your EPIC 2 leg workouts on Friday. I had upped the weights and I did a comprehensive stretch after, not sure why that happened.
    Nevertheless, this was amazing, thank you Caroline!

  5. So creative – I am loving these weekly specialities, thank you for so much thought, planning and hard work. I particularly loved doing some abductor and adductor work. Really welcome break from lunges and squats but still so powerful

  6. Caroline!!!! This workout was fantastic!! Not easy by far but I loved it. Thank you for all you do. My body has transformed so much since doing your workouts. I appreciate you💪🏾💕🤗

  7. Just tackled this one today! What a routine! I really enjyed the slow pace varying array of glute work!

    I really felt it with the lateral leg lifts!

    Thank u for such a great routine!

  8. Oh Caroline it is SO HARD when one has a good belly laugh while trying to workout… kind of sucks all the power out of one’s CORE for a few moments… the hydrant maneuver… had me cracked right up, so perfectly named. Thank you for this wonderful workout!!!
    Barb 🇨🇦

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