Get Your Belly Slim…No Sit Ups or Gym | Dr Alan Mandell, DC

A strong supports erect posture and will flatten and slim your giving you that…


42 thoughts on “Get Your Belly Slim…No Sit Ups or Gym | Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  1. I'm a young 65 year old female and was having trouble standing up straight due to prolong sitting and not being very active. I tried these exercises for the first time and was amazed how quickly I was able to stand straight. I use to have to lend onto the grocery cart while shopping from back pain and not being able to stand more erect. I was recently diagnosis with mild to moderate pelvic organ prolapse and had to be fitted with a pessary. These exercises helps me so much and now I able to get more house chores done without having to stop and rest. Thank you so much.

  2. Hello Dr. Mandel, I love your videos ❤️ could you please make a video for connective tissues (Fascia) how to get the fascia strong!
    How to give you shape, that’s what I am looking for. Thank you for being a very good friend. God’s blessings to you ❤️🙏🏻

  3. Actually felt the pain with the last exercise this is day 7. As of today it has been almost 3 weeks minus weekends and I have seen a difference in how strong my core is as well as my abdominal area slimming down

  4. Hi Doc. You are extremely motivational, informative and very patient. I just love your enthusiasm, zest, zeal. Simple yet very effective. Whole of the numerous lockdowns, I have practiced what you preach. God bless you and yours 🙏

  5. Thank you doc drinking the 1tbs of Ecco twice a day before meals in a month drop 4lbs started using the ex cerise to flatten belly thank You so much it really works and I just turned 70 and I’m feel more energetic I’m going to look great by early summer my goal 😂 lol

  6. thank you for all your great chair exercise videos. They have helped me so much! I am a truck driver and I don’t have access to my bike during the week anymore. Today I did my ctxc training video with my air bike on my truck! What a cool idea! Your a really smart guy ☺️

  7. You asked for a comment so here’s mine. I am currently seeing a physiotherapist because of a work injury in which I hurt my back. I wrote notes as you spoke. I’ll let you know how the exercises go when I get them started later today!!! Thank you! You are “motivationaldoc ” 🙂

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