Get That Booty & Toned Legs 🍑 Effective Glute Workout at Home

It’s the 2019 Summer Shred Challenge! This is a 15 mins home based workout to help you get…


33 thoughts on “Get That Booty & Toned Legs 🍑 Effective Glute Workout at Home

  1. Time to get that BOOOTAAAAY! 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑
    Giveaway is over. Congrats to Yumiko, Laura KY, Girlsroxy
    35 Day 📆 Calendar Schedule 📆 over at:

    Only qualified subscribers will be considered for this giveaway. You can be qualified by contributing to this community (commenting and motivating others), sharing your progress throughout the program, and liking and sharing my videos.

    Please refer to this template below for sharing your progress in the comments. You can share it in the videos from this program. Please support one another in your journey!



    🌸Day 1 Measurements/Weight/How you feel: (whichever applicable, weight is not necessary)

    🌸Day 35 Measurements/Weight/How you feel: (whichever applicable)

    🌸IG for Before/After Photos (if available):

    Day 1:✅❌ [share your progress/thoughts daily so you can look back at your progress]

    (repeat lines for Day 2 to 34)

    Day 35:✅❌

  2. is anyone on day 15 of the 35 day program? woooo I feel amazing I never made it pass the second week with her programs so I'm pretty proud of myself. If you're reading this, you are doing amazing and keep going cause temporary pain is long term gain!!! Love you guys

  3. hey can anyone reply and tell me if this workout helps for toning legs and actually getting a big bum 😂😂i’m doing it with bands aswell but i don’t wanna do it if it isn’t gonna work x

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