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Sometimes our neck is not the same colour as our face. It kinda looks dull and pigmented. This is due to pollution, too much of exposure to sun, chemicals in your skin care products, wearing artificial jewellery or hormonal imbalances like thyroid or PCOD / PCOS. I use this herbal pack that removes pigmentation and dark neck. Hope it helps anyone having the problem.

This herbal pack is 100% natural and uses the natural ingredients that are easily available. This removes pigmentation and dark neck in just 3 days. You can apply this face pack once in a week to keep the pigmentation away.

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  1. Ma'am I tried this remedy for 3 days, but it gave a temporary result. My neck region had not become fair completely but still there was a quite good result. It remained like that for two days but the third day, it turned dark again as it was. Please help me and tell me what do I do?


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