Get Abs & Flat Stomach Workout | Flat Stomach Challenge 2021

Time to work those ! Check out my Challenge. We’ve got 8 brand new episodes in…


29 thoughts on “Get Abs & Flat Stomach Workout | Flat Stomach Challenge 2021

  1. hey so I'm doing the 28 days flat belly challenge currently but I'm struggling with my food habits. I am an Indian and Indian mostly is made up of oil and stuff. IDK what to do. I want to eat the food which I can prepare and less amount of oil. pls help me and suggest me some food ideas 🙂

  2. this was my last excercise for the 2021 Weight Loss Challenge! i never thought i would be able to complete it but here i am! This is a reminder that u can do it to!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happpy :))

  3. hi, i have a question. i want to loose some belly fat, which of the programs would be more effective, flat stomach challenge (4 weeks) or weight loss challenge 2021 (3 weeks)?

  4. Finally after quitting a few challenges I finished a hole challenge (2021 Weight Loss Challenge) so if I can do it you can do it too 🙂 . Just keep going even though you tke mutiple breaks and complain all the time (I do it too xD)

  5. Day 21 and last day of the weight loss program dooooone, I really enjoyed this program and got such beautiful results that made me happy. Thank you Chloe
    Now it's time to the next workout program, legoooooooo

  6. I must say try this workout guys….
    I did twice a day for 10 days and now i have a flat tummy……guys you gonna see the results in 3rd day if you try this twice a day…….GOOD LUCK♥️

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