Get a “Flat Stomach” in 22 Days! (HOME WORKOUT)

If you want to get a at home and are not sure what home workout to do, give this…


26 thoughts on “Get a “Flat Stomach” in 22 Days! (HOME WORKOUT)

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  2. Jeff, I am a 71-year-old male and consider myself in good shape for my age, I eat the right diet and do a quick-paced walk for 1 1/2 hours each day. I feel ready to do some strengthening exercises now to complete my health regime but considering my age I feel your workouts might not be the best for me to do. So, do you have any recommendations for me? FYI, I just purchased a medium resistance power band. Thanks Jeff, keep up the inspirational videos.

  3. how would you maintain these newly tightened muscles afterward? is that more of a nutritional question or does it come down to just maintaining some of these exercises in the daily routine?

  4. Ive never cared about my body looks i work about about once a weekish on basic muscle groups to keep me healthy and run 2 times a week for a short jog idk why im here but now i wanna go workout more and get fit. This man is a damn good speaker

  5. When I saw a vacation photo from 3 years ago where I was seen with a big belly, I swore to myself: I NEVER want to see such pictures of myself again LoL
    Now .. it's REAL better ..
    Still … something like that lifebuoy can still be seen … but MUCH better than 3 years ago …
    That gives courage

  6. Im gonna try the 220 day program!! went from 378 to 295 very slowly by giving up only sugar. same every day intake nothing changed. just the sugar. work and home , no exercise. (long story) I will now start riding bike to and from work to decrease fat as much as possible while slowly strengthening my legs. forgot to mention Im 50+ I will never be able to get a 6er without surgery. The point of this note is that after being told I would not walk again the workout you have here helped me to do so. Great video and examples.

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