Get A Bigger Butt In One Week At Home ( I Saw Results Within 6 Days!) Tips And Tricks

Get A Bigger Butt In One Week At Home ( I Saw Results Within 6 Days!) Tips And Tricks

Big , big , big , big booty, how you guys doing today, hi YouTube. Welcome to my channel. So in today’s. Video! We’re gonna be talking about how to get a bigger butt: a badonkadonk, a booty, a big bang, a wagon, a bum.

Whatever you want to call it, you want it and if you didn’t, you wouldn’t, be sitting here watching this video. So I’m gonna give you some tips and some tricks on how to grow your booty. Let’s begin, so it all starts in the kitchen.

I know you think if you want a bunch of junk in your trunk, you need to put some junk in your mouth, but that is absolutely not true. Junk food and oil attack it’s, not gonna help grow. Your butt is gonna help grow your stomach and all the other places that you don’t want to grow.

What you want to do is eat a healthy, balanced , but if you are on the skinnier side, you probably just want to eat more of the healthy foods. You probably just want to eat more healthy fat. One of my favorite, some of my favorite healthy foods that eat to help like bulk up, would be sweet potatoes and you can just substitute sweet potatoes in exchange for regular potatoes.

If you like, french fries, I like to make mine oven-baked you just ribs a little olive oil and some sweet potatoes, put them in the oven for, like thirty minutes on 350, pull them out and then dash them with a little salt II to live.

For. You can have them mashed up like mashed potatoes. However, you like to eat it, you can do that and just substitute a regular potato with sweet potato. Another substitution is mayonnaise. It’s, full of just fat and a bunch of stuff that you don’t want in your body, but it’s, so good and creamy on sandwiches that you love to eat it.

You can set it to mayonnaise with avocado just take avocado season it with salt and pepper mash it with a fork. If it’s really right and spread it on some bread and boom, you won’t miss the difference.

Actually, you might miss the difference, because I Mikado tastes a little better. Another substitution, just throw in there quickly is brown rice instead of plain white rice brown rice has so many nutrients.

That’s good for you, and it just feels really good and it’s, also a healthy thing that could help you add weight to your body. So if you’re skinny you and eat a little more sweet potato. A little more brown rice a little more avocado, then that’s, growth that’s already thick.

You know what I’m, saying: okay, but a really short fire way to grow. Your booty outside of the kitchen is how you work out, and I’m gonna show you some of my favorite workouts right now so hold on. When I do any glute building exercises, I have to go ahead and incorporate a weight and mine is 25 pounds and I just went ahead and picked it up from Target and I guess they charge like a dollar a pound because it was $ 25.

So I like to just incorporate so weight so that it helps with building the glutes. Now anytime, you do any glute exercises when you go down when you come up, you want to squeeze the booty, really tight, that really activates the workout.

I’m gonna show you what I mean say you’re, doing a squat hold your weight here. You’re gonna drop down and when you come up boom tight booty, this is a relaxed booty. This is a tightly relaxed tight. You want to make sure you go ahead and tighten it just so.

The exercise is going to like fall. Affect tight booty drop it down, bring it up. Tight booty drop it down break it up, tight booty jump it down, bring it up, tight booty drop it down, bring it up tight.

Even if you’re doing dead lifts, no matter what exercise you’re doing. You want to go ahead and tighten your booty. When you come up tight, tight booty, tight, tight, booty tight then I also like to hold the weight over my head when I do a squat and you drop it down up down, so it’s.

Tight booty, every exercise, you guys, if you got that comment down below of tight booty, so I know you watch this part and we we right here with each other comment down below okay, so those are just a couple of my favourite glute exercises.

I didn’t want to get y’all whole routine, and then we all be like hold on. We click down here for some tips and tricks. We click on get to see a whole workout. But if you would like to see more glute workout comment that down below so I can know, and I could make y’all a video, so yes, eating healthy and working out and with the working out.

You only want to do it like you. Only want to work on your legs like 3 or 4 days out the week. You know what you could do, what you wanted to cuz this Joe body. But if you want to take my advice that I’m, giving you cuz, we found it now.

We pass you to friends y ‘ All we family, we YouTube family, hey that I don’t offend. I love you. If you want to take my family, invite that I’m, giving you I wouldn’t work out my legs and glutes more than 3 or 4 days out of the week, because it needs to rest, so they can corrode child.

Let it get some sleep, so I could wake up and be popping and banging and be juicy and be all that so litoris. If you take them out like litoris and then watch it grows like a chia pet, you cheer yeah, so you feed it and it will grow.

So. Yes, you eat good. You workout you litoris and always always always drink water, drink water. No matter what, like, I just bought a new gallon water bottle. Let me show you guys, I literally like I have been drinking like either.

I’ll, buy a gallon of water from Safeway or something, and then I’ll. Just use that bottle to keep drinking, or I had like this really big cup that I got from 7-eleven. It was like a really big, like smoothie cup, and I’ll drink like turtles or I just find a way to think that I’m drinking a gallon, but this is a surefire way.

It is a 1 gallon water bottle, and then it shows you how much you’ve drank see if you fill it up and then you drink all of it go ahead and focus this. That’s, a gallon right. There 128 ounces. It’s a gallon.

I just got me some lemon in here to go ahead and make my water alkaline. You guys. I love drinking lemon water, but plain water, any water. It really works, but make sure you try to get a gallon in a day.

Gon na keep your stomach flat and make your booty big and keep your skin clear, a gallon of water a day minimum. Is you’re on your way to a bigger juicier, booty chow, which orders? Oh? Thank you. So much for watching don’t forget to comment down below what other videos you would like to see me make also comment tight booty.

So I know you want a team what I’m talkin to like comment subscribe, and you know what, if you’re, not a friend that need a title booty, I need a bigger booty. You can help a friend help a friend go touch.

Somebody go share this video with them so that they can see some tips to get a get big booty. That way, y ‘ All could be banging together, good, look banging by yourself ain’t fair, you so much for watching this video.

Today I’ll. Let y’all have a awesome day. I think we son you guys that’s, not in there big boy,


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  1. Daddyy Princess I just LOVE you. So sweet and so cute and happy vibes good energy. Love you so so much girl. May God ALWAYS be with and bless you ❤️🙏🏼

  2. What does reps and sets mean when it comes to exercise ? Sorry I’m new and don’t understand easily when it comes to exercises. 😭😭😭

    I don’t usually give out compliments tbh lol but love your tips especially your vibes and you really have a nice curvy body !

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