Get 6 PACK ABS in 28 Days | Abs Workout Challenge

Get in 28 Days | Workout Challenge # #homeworkout #abworkout
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21 thoughts on “Get 6 PACK ABS in 28 Days | Abs Workout Challenge

  1. Idk if he'll see this, but I was really hoping if someone could tell me if the ab workouts for the 28 day challenge are basically interchangeable. With this one it requires you to hold your legs up a lot and I'm trying to concentrate the weight into my abs but still I feel my legs shaking and shaking and I can't keep them up and so I can't finish the exercises. I have no problem with the other one that's used in the 28 day challenge. Feedback would really be appreciated.

  2. Day 1: Took 3 or more breaks on every exercise
    Day 2: i Felt better today but still difficult i took a little less breaks but still hard.
    Today i didnt take breaks on the 3 first exercisees💪👍

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