GALVANISED Glute Workout / Band Optional | EPIC Heat – Day 21

, focused , , frog pumps and single leg bridges on this solely…


41 thoughts on “GALVANISED Glute Workout / Band Optional | EPIC Heat – Day 21

  1. Thank you a thousand times Caroline. Your videos are so hard 😂😂 and this one meets my needs perfectly. I love to see you struggling with me, and the music is so great. Thank you so much 💙🙏🏻

  2. Dear Caroline, you have changed the way I workout. The past few months feel like I not only have a personal trainer, but also company worth emulating. The videos are precise and I have saved so much time by not dilly dallying around while lifting at home. You also give options in duration which makes your channel the go to for any workout. Be it a 15 minute or a 50 minute session one can be assured that it is totally worth it. My favorite way to pass time is to watch you and decide on the next workout that I would like to follow.
    Can’t thank you enough. Amongst all the trainers and training videos on you tube, YOU are the best undoubtedly!

  3. Caroline where can I buy this leggings? The program is great and I really like that you are not vulgar. You are doing a very good job! Keep it like this

  4. EPIC HEAT 21/21!! Wow so hard…. I almost cried because of my weakness….. thankfully I overcame all the struggles and completed it without quitting!!! Phew….
    Looking forward to Day 22 to come!!!

  5. oh my goodness the last 2 minutes of the workout, I couldn't do it because there was so much sweat in my eyes! still very proud of myself :), thank you so much caroline!!

  6. im so happy I found carolines workout, truly helped me love working out, I know enjoy it instead of seeing it as a chore ty bestie <3

  7. Her putting towel back on during frog pumps
    Me: Surely no, not adding a weight🥵
    Me after the workout: thank god no weight 😂
    Loved this, definitely one of my favourites x

  8. Hey everyone. The last 10 days I had to take a break from doing workouts because I wrote my final exams and it was a very stressful time and I realized that my mental stress also negatively affected my physical health. So I took a break and today I am finally back. I am so proud of myself that I was brave enough to return and that I did it even though I didn't feel like doing sports this morning at all. Anyways, I found this workout fun but also very challenging, but I am glad that I am back 🙂

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