Gain Distance With The "Tiger Glute Activation" Move

Here’s how to activate your gluten like
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9 thoughts on “Gain Distance With The "Tiger Glute Activation" Move

  1. This is so overlooked in golf instruction. One of my coaches, Ben Doyle, used to tell me all the time "hit it with your buns". Not only does it help with turning/clearing the left hip through, it also takes the pressure off the hands and arms to sustain the lag once assembled. When I do this correctly, my arms extend to both arms straight effortlessly. Half shots become a breeze and the result of that is great distance control. Once the basic fundamentals of posture, alignment and grip pressure are habit, this is the next step to ensure sustained acceleration through the hit. Thanks for posting this… All amateur players should what this. 👍👍

  2. another thing to think about whilst your stood on the tee to totally screw up your swing! just turn and hit it! why do instructors have to add more things that are unnecessary to think about! thumbs down I'm afraid, a nothing video

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