Hey everyone! Something short and sweet for ya this week. Come along for an in depth look at one…



35 thoughts on “FULL LEG/ GLUTE WORKOUT EXPLAINED | Train with me

  1. hello Bethany Tomlinson. Congratulations on your channel! It has great image quality and the content is relevant. You have objective communication.

    I have a channel here in Brazil, and I document my trajectory until I reach my goal – to surf again! the channel is called "YOU CAN DO IT" – "YOU CAN DO IT". My motivational phrase is "Focus on your goal!".

    Well, if you want to know more information, send me a direct on my instagram, ok? @vctconsegue 👍🏼🤙🏼🏄🏽‍♂

  2. Do more videos! It seems that you think it's not interesting enough to show us these kind of workouts, but contrary to that, they are very helpful even though you repeat some exercices. Just by doing new videos and seeing good form you inspire a lot.

  3. Really informative, thank you! I’ve been training for almost two years now and I’m always looking for tips for hamstrings and glutes – your hamstring curl tips will really help me next time I train.

    What would you say are your go-to glute exercises that aren’t hip thrusts? I tend to gravitate towards abductions and cable kickbacks, but feel like there could be something more effective that I’m missing. Thank you!

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