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  1. You gave a really useful tip on doing the squat! Pushing outward while squatting was instrumental in correcting my squat and keeping me from repeatedly pulling my hamstring. Thx.

  2. I'm just coming back from a knee injury but feel like I'm missing my glute workouts throughout my week. Could you give me some modified ideas for the walking side squats?

  3. The video is long but very helpful to do the exercises correctly, I would like to see how was you before having that amazing ultra lean body! You are super pretty by the way and I will love to own a gym like yours! Your dog walking around looks very cute!!

  4. It’s literally been FIVE DAYS since I did another one of your leg workouts and I’m just now fully recovered. But…I’m ready to hurt again. 😂💀💀💀

  5. How long into u doing weights did you start noticing muscle? Ive been for maybe 2 1/2 months,and switched up my eating and starting to see my arms get leaner and a bit more muscle than before, but what i want is to be able to see the muscles pop out like your arms do. Any tips?

  6. I usually incorporate bulgarians into my routine, but last night I tried your tip of leaning slightly forward and OMG my glutes and hamstrings are so sore! Thank you!!

  7. OMG! When I came across this workout, it happened I was doing the Bulgarian Squat, and I followed your advise for a better booty. Holy s#%t! I’m still soar! Thank you 😊

  8. I'm a guy that refuses to have a flat ass as I age (44yrs old) I do one day dedicated to glutes and hams plus a regular leg day… not to mention stair stepper lunges etc

  9. Is it me or do others also watch your video not just for the great info ✌🏼 but also to see that cute little guy 🐕 literally following you around every where….. ♥️🥰. He loves you guys so much I think if he could he would also start lifting with you to get more attention…. 😂😂😂😂

  10. I really liked these alterations! I needed this! I will have two huge operarions of my butt-hip muscles this Fall and my doctor told me to get as strong as possible in my butt ahead of the operations… So this was a great change to my normal leg day!

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