Full Body STRENGTH // At Home Workout

All you need is a couple of dumbbells for today’s ! We are targeting…


43 thoughts on “Full Body STRENGTH // At Home Workout

  1. Wow great full body workout. The excercises and rounds are intense and powerful. I used 6lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs and 15lbs. A good sweat.💦💦I'm glad I joined this workout.👍💪
    Thank you Heather.👌❤

  2. Started this today, being super new to training in general. Planning on doing it on alternate days, and doing cardio the other days. Trying to lose weight: SW: 86,5kg. Will be updating along the way, as a mean of keeping me motivated. Killer workout, but I got through it, and telling myself it only gets easier with each passing dat.

  3. i have just finished it and i loved it! it’s been so long since i have done a full body strength workout, soo this one felt like i am back! thank you💋

  4. This video kicked my ass thank you after this workout I realized I was done I was like okay tomorrow I'm definitely doing the workout not the same one but the same person thank you great workout

  5. You my dear are absolutely EVERYTHING!!! I am over 60 years young and I do your workouts 6 days a week. They challenge me. They invigorate me. You inspire me!

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