FULL BODY FAT BURN At Home Workout (12 min) No Equipment!

FULL BODY FAT BURN At Home Workout (12 min) No Equipment!

Hey guys welcome back today we are going to be doing a full body. Fat burning, hit style, a workout today’s. Workout is going to be 12 minutes long. You won’t need any equipment for this workout, but you will need a little bit of space and a soft surface such as I’m apt because we are going to be down on the ground.

We’re, going to be doing five different for 30 seconds each then we’ll, take a 30 second rest and that equals one round and we are going to complete four rounds in total for a total of 12 minutes.

Let me give you a preview of each bunch of exercises, since this is going to be fast paced. You can kind of know what we’re doing. First exercise: you are going to take a squat lunge to the right back to Center to the left center right continue for 30 seconds exercise number two: it is just some high knees for 30 seconds, so getting codes knees up nice high thirty Seconds.

Third exercise: we’re, going to be doing, fingertips are going to come by the ears you’re, going to take it. Squat put opposite toes. If you can’t reach that far. That’s totally. Okay, just reach, as far as you can get your leg up as high as you can.

The idea is to just reach engage that core, as you’re reaching for each of your toes sitting deep down into those squats so thirty Seconds for that exercise, then we’re going to head to the ground. We’re, going to take a half burpees so start in a push-up position, jump your feet forward.

come up. Staying in a squat position, legs come back. You can either take a push-up on your toes or, if I’m down to your knees, push up up pop her feet. Down push up continue for 30 seconds. Then we’re, going to flip to our backs and do some jackknife.

So come your head. Ten and feet are covering we reach up meet together in the center, come back down, hand and feet do not touch the entire time for 30 seconds. Then we’ll, take a 30-second rest and then we’ll, complete that all four rounds total.

I hope you guys are ready without further ado. Let’s, get to it. Alright, guys! Here we go starting off with our squats till I’m. Just let’s. Do this try to keep your knees above your toes you, don’t, want your knees to going over your toes sit back into those lunges and squeeze those , , , five, our second or some high knees.

Let’s. Go get those knees up, engage that core , , ,. All right. We’re going into our spots, tip toe touch fingertips by the gears squat and reach , , , ,, , , ,, , , right right into the ground, have to bring me into push-up ,, , , ,, , , , Applause, , ,, , , meet me: ,, , , , Applause, , ,, , , ,, , ,.

Ten more seconds. I’m a 1 straight into round 2 doing our alternating squats to lunch. , , ,! Let’s, go ,; , ,! All right get those knees up, engage the core , , , ,, , , swats, a toe touch, and you’re just funny ears and , , , around half of a push-up , , , , , , over here, ,, , , ,, , , ,, , ,.

We’re happy there guys take some deep breaths don’t forget to breathe. While you’re doing the exercises as well. It’s really good to exhale on those movements. 10 seconds round number: three: let’s! Do this! We’re, going back into those squats two one Jesse, let’s, go they nice and strong, and over in the third round, keep your chest.

Nice and open sit back deep into those squats in London and squeeze those glutes , , , , , ,. We’ve got forward. Leg comes up: ,, , , ,, , , ,, , , over onto your back , , , ,, , , ,, , , 30-second rest, and we’re complete these final round.

All around we got three minutes left. We can do this all right last round of slap to lunge deep into the squat , , , , , , last 30 seconds of Tiny’s if those knees up , , ,. If getting these knees up a little bit too much keep them nice and low, but pick up the pace: ,, , , ,, , , thirty seconds, squeeze that three photos: , , , so the girls after you push up last round: , , , ,, , , if the are too much just use a regular blood drop, some elbow , ,, , , alright guys.

So you can get into this last 30 seconds to just take some deep breaths or hold the plank for the last 30 seconds and just burn it up, but I hope you guys enjoyed this 12-minute fat burning hit workout with a full body.

We’re gonna get some nice and sweaty. You can do two rounds of this, take a minute break and between in between each 12 minutes it’s totally up to you. You can use this as a warm-up before the gym. Whatever you like, but it’s, just a great way to get your body moving, get the blood flowing, sweat dripping.

Let me know how you guys: do it in the comments down below make sure that you’re subscribed, because I’m here for the mass spec summer, workout marathon, every single day for the month of June, and I will see you Guys in the next video , , , you ,, , ,

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  1. Sorry about the late upload guys! YouTube was having some technical difficulties! Hope you enjoy this workout 🙂 Let me know how you did in the comments below! See you tomorrow xx- Maddie

  2. I’ve done a few different core work out videos of yours and I really love them. They’re tough and I can’t always keep up, but Im starting this 30 day program 🤞🏼 Covid closing all the gyms really took its toll, but I’m glad I found your videos.

  3. When she said you could do the whole video again…GIRL 😂😂 The room will be UNDERWATER IN MY SWEAT LOL. Really liked this workout though overall hehe

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  7. I am 16 (almost 17). I weigh about 72kg(around 159 pounds). I know it's a lot for my age but I'll work hard and reduce it. My aim is to lose 2 kg a month and I am starting today.. I'll keep updating 😃

  8. I did one set of these and I literally felt like I was dying. I had to take a 5 minute break instead of just 30 sec. Im eo out if shape. I'll get there eventually. I gotta start somewhere. And to think this is her warmup 😳. I cant even do the burpees

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