Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise

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30 thoughts on “Free Weights vs Bodyweight Exercise

  1. Do both. I am doing bodyweight, isolated barbell workouts and compound resistance band workouts. My next level up will be weighted calisthenics and powerlifting. Being able to support your own weight is so important. Even if it is not doing muscle ups or one handed pushups, doing 30 pushups with good form is pretty good.

  2. Lmao my parents say I will ‘become shorter’ if i do free weights (even doing simple bicep curls) but using body weight will not.. its just the same thing right? 🤣🤣

  3. Since I moved to military style calisthenics and also weighted ones for external resistance, it has improved my ability to do activities from horseback riding, wakeboarding, and aerial silks. They're just more fun than traditional weight lifting.

  4. do calisthenics with added weights, it is so awesome, its what I do and I love it. you learn how to move your body, the exercises are compound so you work the muscles evenly. the added weight with perfect form makes movement effortless

  5. Way I've always seen and experienced it, calisthenics are a slower build of muscle, but you work your muscles in conjunction, while lifting builds muscle faster, but if you don't vary it properly then doing certain activities will be held up cause certain muscles are strong while others are neglected. Doing both helps keep everything fairly balanced.

  6. Simple answer:both. I use calisthenics for muscle size, functional strength and endurance. I am doing barbells at 8 rep max for strength. I will be getting resistance bands soon. I don’t want to get super bulky. What I want to be able to do is have enough functional strength to do typewriter pushups and unassisted handstands and enough strength to lift things 1.5x my body weight. I also want enough explosive and speed to run a 400 meter sprint at nearly 45 seconds, close to the Olympic time. I also want endurance/stamina to run a half marathon at a 6-7 minute mile pace. So basically, treadmill, running, body weight and heavy barbells for a 4-8 rep max is good for me. I am not going to be doing bench presses until I can do 2 sets of 20 regular pushups with excellent form. For now, I will be starting with floor flys and presses. I like more compound exercises like flys, presses, and rows, and raises. Lateral raises, shrugs, and rows for pull day and presses, flys, and front raises for push day.

  7. I do calestetics but have always been interested in powerlifting so at 15(I'm 15 rn) I used all the mo ey I got from mowing lawns for the military houses on base and bought a barbell and some plates but I still enjoy calestetics so I've been doing both because I feel doing both and I love it make sure that you enjoy fitness or else it will seem like a chore and you will fall out of it

  8. I'm doing both of them. I have a program that make me to do pull up and resistant band (for my chest) on one day. Sometimes i need to improve my reps while i'm doing the freeweight training and it is not hard to do because when i get boring, i just do bodyweight training. The thing is, just enjoy the training and reach the target.

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