Fort Hood soldier featured on Men's Health magazine

1st Sgt. Diamond Ott made the magazine cover.


28 thoughts on “Fort Hood soldier featured on Men's Health magazine

  1. This should be the last place Men's Health magazine looks to for honoring. I mean congrats to this soldier. But What about the one's that have been taken by there own. I'm cancelling my Subscriptions with Mens health.

  2. Oh! So now Ft. Hood is trying a curved ball, "What A Joke" this place is! Advertising for Ft. Hood in the middle of a crisis, "What A Disgrace", and insensitive, shows where priorities are for this joint and den of sexual predators. Instead of putting their propaganda of what a great place Fort. Hood is on hold, "No" they act like, "It's Just Another Snitch" and a Latino one at that. "Life Goes On" What a bunch of of dishonorable loosers! acting as if nothing has happened, even while more evidence, info. and testimonies are flooding the social media, and even the Pentagon putting out there the statistics of sexual assaults that actually got reported, not counting the ones that never got reported for fear of retaliation from the heads in the installations. Well hopefully all these high school graduates that are seeing and hearing of all the missing soldiers at Ft. Hood, will hold off from jointing any of the branches of the military.

  3. Queremos a Vanesa viva y al otro que también está desaparecido no se que morales deben liberarlos no pasar todo el día en los ejercicios todo con moderación queremos a Vanesa y a morales

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