Foods to Support Function of Men’s Prostate Health

Hey coach, Brian here critical bench, comm thanks for watching today, we’re talking about prostate health and foods that support prostate function and also some other cool stuff that will help you guys take care of your prostate.

So not many people, especially guys know that prostate cancer is very common in over the age, a men over the age of 50, its approximate that one in three men over the age of 50 will tap into prostate cancer at some part of that latter part of Their life, it’s, a crazy statistic, but guys.

The thing is that it’s. Prostate cancer is is common. Do you guys even know what your your numbers are for your prostate function so guys, if you’re, not even familiar with what the prostate is, the prostate is a gland that’s, not just a part of the male reproductive system.

That wraps around the male urethra Neil near the bladder okay, so there might have been a little too much info for you, but guys just know that the prostate controls it’s, it. It controls a lot of the body sexually, so prostate health and prostate cancer.

Are you at risk so, like I said, men over the age of 50 are more susceptible to prostate cancer. So what is the early onset of prostate cancer? Look like so guys if you have any difficulty in urination it’s a slow week, Trickle it couldn’t even be frequent, but not much is coming out even when you Pia burns to pee, or it is painful to pee.

What about blood in the urine that’s, an absolute sign that there’s, something not not right, even erectile, dysfunction or even painful ejaculation could be a sign of prostate cancer. Now also, what cancer does too in that area? It could increase pain in the hips, spine and so forth.

So if you have any of these symptoms, guys definitely go talk to your doctor about furthering prostate tests. So guys again, you have to get checked by the doctor. If you like, I said if you have any of these symptoms, so you go to the doctor next, what are they going to tell you? They’re, going to tell you that you need a prostate test.

Now there’s, a couple different types of test. A lot of people know about the PSA test, but also there’s, a new thing called the pH. I test that stands for prostate health index, so old school is PSA, new school is pH.

Iso pH eye is a combination of three blood tests. This is a lot more accurate than the PSA it’s actually showing to be three times more accurate and effective for detecting cancer in men. So go talk to your doctor.

Even if you don’t have any symptom. It’s still good to take the test just to see where your your prostate levels are so now that we got that taken care of you need to go see your doctor. You go get those tests taken care of regardless, if you have prostate cancer or not.

These are a couple things that you should be doing regardless again again, if, regardless, you have cancer or not, because these things are going to help support a healthy prostate but also help decrease your risk for prostate cancer later on, Kegel exercises, okay, so a lot of Women know what I’m talking about not many men know what I’m talking about Kegel exercises are exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic floor.

As we know, the prostate gland is within that part of the body the pelvic floor area. Doing certain Kegel exercises pretty much just puckering the sphincter, that’s, a kegel exercise so that’s, going to help strengthen all the muscles surrounded in through urethra for the men.

So definitely do your Kegel exercises. If you have or are concerned about having prostate cancer, another thing you should be taking or included into your diet are green. Leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are phenomenal in helping decrease the risk of prostate cancer, and why is that? They’re loaded with antioxidants.

They also boost your immune system, which will help decrease cancer in your body. So also the another thing called tomatoes. Tomatoes are awesome because they’ve got a thing called lycopene and also zinc.

So zinc has a naturally effective, boosting property that is has been proven to show benefits for those guys with prostate cancer. Imagine that so one more thing you could be doing is taking saw palmetto bear.

This is the most common herb or supplement to support prostate gland health. It’s naturally occurring and it’s been shown to boost your immune system properties, and we know that, in order to fight cancer, you have to have good.

Actually, we have to have really good a really good immune system, so guys those four things: Kegel exercises green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, hand in hand, but also saw palmetto berry. So let’s. Go back to green leafy vegetables for a while.

How how do you get green leafy vegetables into your diet? Obviously, you can eat a salad, but that’s, also a smut, a very small dosage of green leafy vegetables. The best way to get your your veggies in you is juicing or blending just drinking it in a drink, puttin it in a blender chopping it up put in a juice extractor, getting all the good enzymes in that drink.

It is down in it so guys, throw your green leafy vegetables in a blender. Throw some tomatoes try to keep it a very alkaline, which means just try to keep it not as acidic as like an orange juice or lemonade.

Things like that. So when you are making your juice don’t put a lot of sweet, good tasting, fruits or vegetables just because sweetness equals sugar, and so what sugar does? It raises your acidity in the body and also it can add some way to to the body which isn’t, which is never good, so guys drink your vegetables, if you can’t eat them.

The last thing I want to give you is the number one tip for prostate health and it might come across as a shocker, but it’s. Diet. You guys got to fix your diet. The one of the best ways to decrease your risk for prostate cancer is having a good, healthy, balanced diet.

Also, a lot of people aren’t familiar with decrease in animal protein, and why is that? So? I know a critical bencher, we love protein, but if you’re concerned about or have prostate cancer, animal protein could potentially set you further into prostate cancer and the reason why is somewhat unclear.

But we know that hormones have a lot to do with what’s pumped into protein. You know non organic, grass-fed. You know things like that. So long story short animal protein can be very acidic to the body, and we know that is an acidic body cannot properly fight off cancer, especially prostate cancer.

So the moral of this story is guys fix. Your diet decrease your animal protein better, yet go with all organic stuff, non-gmo, grass-fed cage, free wild caught protein vegetables and get rid of all the processed crap, get rid of the sugars, get rid of the alcohol and just live a healthy, clean diet.

I guys trust me, the better you eat the better you’re, going to feel, and also your prostate will help. We’ll enjoy that too guys. Okay guys, I just shared a lot of information with you about prostate health and how to support it with with food and some exercises, and things like that.

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If you have any questions regarding prostate health, guys again, thanks for watching have a good day,

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