Flat Stomach In 7 Days Challenge – Home Workout

Here’s a new workout to do at home if you want to get a .

If you do it just 7 days…


37 thoughts on “Flat Stomach In 7 Days Challenge – Home Workout

  1. Thank you Roberta's gym this was very effective exercises I lost my weight in 1week ohh my god really good. And one thing please suggest me what can I take food in diet Roberta's gym please

  2. Happy that owner of this channel is very active on this two years old video the owner of the channel replied to my comment before a lot of blessings from india ❤️❤️😘😘😘❤️❤️

  3. Hello
    Day 1 – completed before sleep I am so sleepy i will have the best sleep today oh and i am 53kg at 9 years old and I am tried af anyways goodnight I am not that fat but my weight is so much soo that’s why I am try this insh allah it will work
    day-2 done today was the same day as yesterday but i did this for 3 hours i feel lighter already i will go now see you tommrow

  4. 🔥2day is the beginning of my work out🔥
    🔘 1 day complete ✔
    🔘 2 day complete ✔
    🔘 3 day complete ✔
    🔘 4 day complete ✔
    🔘 5 day complete ✔

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