45 thoughts on “FLAT STOMACH, BUTT & THIGHS WORKOUT | 2 weeks HOURGLASS Workout Challenge

  1. Here is a Flat stomach, glutes and legs workout. Please remember we have different bodies so someone may see results faster than the other but don’t give up. I did enjoy doing this routine, Let me know how it goes🤩and update in the comments section to motivate others but also to keep you on your toes to do this💪🏽
    Love ya!

  2. day 1: OMH MY BREATHE IS KILLING ME IM SO HOT RN i skipped the last one because my legs couldn’t move anymore i hope i do it tmr
    day 2: omg its day 2 and my legs feel so sore oml i did most of the exercises expect 2 my legs can’t move ill try tmr again
    day 3: omg my body was sore and i still did it and i still skipped the last one because i did 30 mins of exercise but yaya

  3. HI. Sooo, I'm very late on the whole glow up during quarantine thing, but school is starting soon for me and

    I've been really overweight my entire life, and this was my first day, and I'm going to try to do this

    every day for 2 weeks and track my progress. I will also say if I see and change in my stomach,

    I'm not expecting abs, but maybe a flatter stomach and sculpted legs??


    Saturday will be my break day, but I will do it twice on Friday to make up for it. (:
    ✅Day One: I tried my best with all the exercises, some were easier for me than other.s

  4. I started today because school starts in 2 weeks and I wanted to try to loose a little weight so I’ll keep you guys updated (like to remind me please)
    ✅Day 1: it was hard ngl but baby steps
    ✅Day 2: it was a little bit easier than the first, I my stomach tightening when I started the rocking planks
    ✅Day 3: I definitely felt the tightness in my thigh on the squats, it’s getting easier than before and becoming able to do the rocking plank longer than I was able to day 1, I can see a difference in my thigh and stomach already!
    ✅Day4: I felt the burn in my stomach and thighs today, ngl my back hurts
    ✅Day 5: I can see my results a little bit it’s definitely easier to do, and I’m not as tired as I usually am after I do this work out

  5. Day 1✅ I died a little but I'll comeback tomorrow.🤍
    Day 2✅ I died a little less. My form is also getting better and I'm stopping way less..
    Day 3✅ I actually feel pretty good. Forms a lot better. Stopped once.
    Day 4✅ My thighs are really sore but other then that very easy.
    Day 5✅ Very easy.

  6. day 1: this is my first time every working and and omg let me tell you i sweat a lot! but man i hope i see a result i’m skinny but i have a lot of belly fat.

  7. My Progress if you guys are interested:)
    Day 1 : tiring butt good lot of sweat keep water by your side ✅
    Day 2: it was good!! I took before and after pictures and I could see my thighs already forming😧by a little bit

  8. Today is 24-06-21
    I started today!!!!🌸🌸
    🧿Day 1- it seems easier bt I have to say thay that it is not easier as it looks. My stomach' muscle is literally aching. I have to skipped a exercise that is rocking plank.
    Tough exercise for me are-
    Rocking plank
    Reverse plank
    Star crunches
    🧿Day 2- today I did it. For me rocking plank is too hard bt today I finished my workout with rocking plank. It was easier than yesterday. I know it will make u feel that u can't bt all I say that ur determination can do everything 😌. I did star crunches till 40 sec but yesterday I did it only for 20 sec . It was amazing workout for me I only skipped reverse lunges bcz whenever my knee touch to floor I was unable to stand up😔 I believe tomorrow I can do it also. One thing I will ßay that today when I finished workout my heartbeat's speed on 4x. Without pain there is no gain🌸
    🧿Day 3- I did all workouts 😁😁. Day by day it feels familiar for me. It will give u burning sensation.
    Day-4 done ✅ I'm already getting results . My waist is now 31 before workout my waist was 32 . Nd thigh is also increasing

  9. Have been doing your workouts for two months and people im close with have been noticing a difference in my butt without me bringing it up …one of the first things my husband who has been gone for 5 month due to military noticed…I was 118 now I'm 135 at 5 feet i can say I'm slim thick now 😁

  10. My working out experiences (The music playlist that I used is at the bottom):
    Day One ✅ (Started May 7th):
    It was pretty fun and not so hard, just that the rocking planks and kicking was hard for me.
    Day two ✅ (May 8th):
    I woke up swore, but I still worked out and the working out helped me feel less of the soreness!
    Day Three ✅ (May 9th):
    It got easier and I felt less soreness.
    Day Four ✅ (May 10th):
    My dog kept getting in the way which was bothering me, but I still did it! 🙂
    Day Five ✅ (May 11th):
    It got a bit easier!
    Day Six ❌ (May 12th):
    I decided to take a break.
    Day Seven ✅ (May 13th):
    Today I decided to eat a protein bar, then wait a while til I was good, then worked out! :))) *noticed small difference aka my butt’s shape changed!*
    Day Eight ✅ (May 14th):
    Today I’m eating a protein bar before working out again, I will do this every time I work out because I heard protein is good especially for working out. Other than that I did the work out! Btw I love your work outs! They really work!
    Day Nine 😔❌ (May 15th):
    I think I pulled a nerve in my leg because while doing the workout I felt something in my leg pulling every time I moved it, I did it wrong which I’m sure is the reason why.
    Day Ten ✅ (May 16th)
    Today I realized I did the fire hydrants to kick back wrong the whole time lol 💔, but now I know how to do it!! 😁 Today everything felt super easy and less tiring than usual. I also took less breaks, I took the least breaks today.
    Day Eleven ✅ (May 17th):
    Today I kept messing up, but I re-did the workout which made it so much easier than earlier and more fun! 😁 I took less breaks than yesterday! Which is amazing!
    Day Twelve ✅ (May 18th):
    Did it, just not the last two exercises because my sides started hurting around my ribs.

    Day Thirteen/One ✅ (March 26th):
    Decided to take a big break because I wasn’t motivated at all, but now I am. I’m back stronger than ever! 🥰 Today most of the workouts seemed easier than before!
    Day Fourteen/Two ✅ (May 27th):
    Did the workout, it felt super easier than ever. Took no breaks! 💪❤️👑
    Day 15/3 ✅ (May 28th):
    Getting the hang of it! 🤪
    Day 16/4 ❌ (May 29th):
    Decided to make today be rest day!!
    Day 17/4 ❌ (May 30th):
    Decided to make it the second rest day
    Day 18/5 ✅ (May 31th):
    Did it! 😝
    Day 19/6 ✅ (June 1st):
    It was fun!
    Day 20/7 ✅ (June 2nd):
    Did it! 💕 Was fun like yesterday! 🥰
    Day 21/8 ❌ (June 3rd):
    Couldn’t do it since I got the COVID shot, but I will do it tomorrow!!
    Day 21/8 ✅ (June 4th):
    Did it!
    Day 22/9 ❌ (June 5th):
    Rest day
    Day 23/10 ❌ (June 6th):
    Rest day
    Day 24/11 ✅ (June 7th):
    Did it!
    Day 25/12 ❌ (June 8th/Found out you can’t keep doing the same muscle exercise a lot because then you’ll not see results and stuff)
    Kinda rest day?
    Day 26/13 ✅ (June 9th):
    Did it! 🔥

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