FAT LOSS 101 FOR MEN (Chest Fat, Belly, Love Handles!)

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47 thoughts on “FAT LOSS 101 FOR MEN (Chest Fat, Belly, Love Handles!)

  1. I have all three. I’m well-rounded. I’ve lost 50 pounds overall and I’ve definitely gained muscle but I have more to go.

  2. Thanks for this video, and thanks for the focus on nutrition. Exercise videos can be fun, but at the end of the day nutrition is the BIGGEST factor. Especially that part about "and stop drinking the things you shouldn't be drinking."

  3. I broke my leg once and gained 50 lbs I got the cast off 1st week of January I was 230 lbs 4 months laying on the couch by end of may I was 178 this is what I did I ate 2 meals a day only drank alcohol 2 days out the month . 1 hr of exercise a day 30 minutes of calisthenics and 30 minutes running sometimes a little more and ran sprints twice a week

  4. Me, waking up, walking to the kitchen, opening the fridge, looking at a chocolate bar.
    Feeling a tap on my shoulder from behind.
    Looking back, seeing Jeff behind me, topless, saying: "Bad idea!"

  5. Why does Jeff want us to train abs 7 times a week? Don't get me wrong I like the advice but I'm confused as he has always said we needed a day to recover.

  6. Your videos are awesome, thanks for cutting the shit and getting to the point. You have helped me get over some serious body weight hurdles. We are lucky to have you.

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