Fat burning, high intensity, low impact home cardio workout

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33 thoughts on “Fat burning, high intensity, low impact home cardio workout

  1. Thank you for your talk at the end about motivation. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer & haven’t felt motivated to work out, but pushed myself & your words of positivity & motivation really inspired me. Thank you!

  2. Did this workout multiple times before, but the last times I remember the date of are:
    Tuesday, April 6th
    Thursday, April 8th
    Friday, April 9th
    Sunday, April 11th
    Monday, April 12th
    Tuesday, April 13th
    Gonna come back here! <3

  3. Fantastic sunday work out. Great morning boost to start the day. Thank you. 🤗 counting down the days till i am at my goal weight. 💪grateful to have your team help me with my journey

  4. You both are awesome. You inspire us. I hate doing exercise but when I see your clips it makes me want to do it. Thank you. Love you guys. Jay and Sadhna

  5. Helloooo! Actually I had a question, When can we do these workout during our Ramadan fasting? We Muslims start fasting from early morning till dusk time, and we are not supposed to eat anything during this period. So, when can I exercise or workout during the days?

  6. This one was a LOT of fun! Wasnt a fan of the ending. But my body will thank me later so thank you for pushing me and my body to be and do better!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  7. This was the best workout i have ever done. i feel amazing, not just cus this is allowing me to feel physically fit, mentally i feel so much better than i have felt recently. I never understood how working out can help your mental health until i did this video. Thank you for showing me this. I love how motivational and relaxed you guys are. It felt like i was actually in the same room as you. I cant wait to do more videos with you guys! thank you so much, wishing you both wealth and prosperity <3

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