Fast Toned Abs (9 MINUTES)

Hi guys and welcome to my youtube channel this week, we are doing 8th, batter style ab workout, which is going to help target any fat that you have by burning some calories and it’s also going to help with toning your ab muscles To help with this, I’ve.

Actually, given you guys a link below to a detox recipe of mine, this is perfect for after Christmas, if you guys have any bloating and inflammation in the stomach area, don’t get also hit the like subscribe buttons on my channel, because I upload A weekly workout hi guys welcome to your butter workout.

The first exercise we’re going into today is reverse crunches, so we’re. Doing 20 up on with a 10. Second rest, make sure with the reverse crunch. You are really lifting your pelvic area off of the floor because we want to engage the lower abs great well.

The next exercise we’re going into is single knee crunch, so you’re just going to be doing one lift to begin with, and then we’ll pick the other side after so bring the knee in and make Sure, every time you’re crunching, you’re exhaling out and you’re, bringing your head off the floor.

Right! What now we’re, going to repeat that now on the other side, [ Applause, ], [, ,, ], [, ,, ]. Alright, the next exercise is just going to be some Hill touches. So with this, you want to make sure you’re, engaging your core throughout the entire workout, make sure you are sucking the navel into your spine and just in how it exhale quickly [ ,, ] excellent work.

Now what you want to do is get into a tight position. We’re, going to be in a high plank position, and all I want you to do is and lift your arms up and bring them straight in front of you. Remember suck the navel into your spine, so I really want to make sure you engage in your core [ ,, ], [, ,, ] right right.

The next exercise you’re, going to be on all fours and what you’re going to do. Is you’re, going to bring one side of your knee in into a crunch position and then kick your leg out straight behind you so crunch in kick out make sure every time you are crunching in.

I want you to make sure you’re exhaling and then kicking out right right now we’re, going to take that on to the other side, [ ,, ] excellent. Now the final exercise in this circuit is going to be a downward dog position, but you’re, going to come into a plank and every time you’re going behind in the downward position.

I want you to touch the opposite. Toes so plank down position and then touch your toes with this. I want to make sure you really are something enable into the spine throughout this entire workout, because you do want to tone your abs great work, guys now what we’re going to do.

Is we’re, going to repeat this circuit? All over again remember the first exercise we’re going into it is those reverse crunches now, because we’re on our second round. I want you to go as fast as you can, but do make sure that you’re, sucking navel into the spine, and you’re lifting your pelvis up as high as you can to engage the lower ab right.

What let’s, go back to the single knee crunch, again, go as fast as you can here for this round, make sure you really are connecting here with your stomach muscles, and you just want to make sure you’re, bringing that Knee in and you’ll bring in your head up: [ , ].

Let’s! Repeat that on the other side again and make sure you really are inhaling and exhaling. I’m earning your earth time. Every day goes by so fast, sir sighs and every moment counts. Baby. I don’t wan na miss a [ , ] right right now we’re going into Hill touches.

This is your fourth exercise out of eight [ , ]. We can do over life, so let ‘ S, engage the core and let’s. Do the hill touches [ , ]? We can do a real-life. Let’s quickly, move into the plank position.

We’re. Moving into the single on left, plank exercise so suck the navel into your spine and go to your core, and if you’re armed up one by one, [, ,, ] excellent right now, we’re going into all fours and we’re going into the meat in kick so people should ever likely want to start off with first meat in trick in kick really think about crunching in here, when you are bringing your legs back into your stomach, let’s, reverse it! On to the other side, now we can do overlay, [, ,, ] well done and your final exercise, so you want to come into a plank position and you want to do down with go with a contact.

It’s, like top Frank top. Like remember to exhale here inhale exhale [, , ] acts of work IV was included your ab workout with me. I hope you really did enjoy this so that’s, the end of the workout guys.

I hope you really did enjoy this one. Don’t forget to check out the link below to get your free detox recipe from me and also don’t forget to hit the like subscribe button for my channel because it really does help have a lovely morning afternoon evening.


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