Faces of Attempted Suicide #WorldSuicidePreventionDay | Men's Health UK

Despite rates actually declining – it’s the lowest in 30 years – # remains…


24 thoughts on “Faces of Attempted Suicide #WorldSuicidePreventionDay | Men's Health UK

  1. What bothers me is that I am not living for myself. I'm living for my sons, their mom, my parents, my siblings my friends. I can't bare to put to them through that. The guilt the hurt the anger my sons' future I just can't do that to them. But that is as far as it goes. I can't find a reason to live for me. I don't matter to me. When I think about dieing in an accident or a robbery I think about everyone else and how it would affect them. If someone threatened me I think they have just threatened my loved ones I don't care if I die. I just don't want to dies painfully. I battling this feeling of not want to live for me.

  2. I'm 30. Time to time the feeling creeps back. Last attempt was 3 years ago. Was drunk, pissed off, going 85mph and tried to drive off a bridge into a lake. I burned a lot of bridges after that. A lot of people I thought I knew, were the reason I kept trying to end it all. Nowadays I live far from them and I hope to god that I never see these people ever again in my life.

  3. I went to my line manager about a month ago and said I haven't been coping very well. She (who now works from home) said that the needs of the business must come first. Nothing has been done and I'm living in a total state of anxiety. Can you imagine if the sexes were reversed in this conversation? We've recently celebrated International Woman's Day (quite rightly) as we did last year. But unfortunately International Men's Day was totally overlooked. I will be submitting this video to my HR department urging that the event is highlighted this year.

  4. I suffered from depression and mental illness in college. As a result, I tried to kill myself countless times. I would not recommend making the same choice, because I have to live with lasting damage to my body. And the loneliness is still present 😊

  5. I hit 20 and no longer cared about myself. Drink, drugs and being totally irresponsible we’re normality for me. Anger, hate… followed by brutal lows and thoughts of suicide. Took me 10 years to finally go to my gp and tell them how I feel. I bottled myself up for so long it began to rip me apart inside, to the point I’d made a suicide plan and was ready for it.

    Guys, if your not feeling right speak up. There’s no shame in telling your friends, family or a doctor how you feel. The longer you wait the worse it becomes. Trust me…

  6. I want to end it all, I just can’t inflict it on my parents who have lost one of their children already (my little sister) I feel numb all the time, uninterested and given up in life, relationships, career.

    It hurts to live.

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