Event 7 – Snatch Speed Triple – 2020 CrossFit Games

The hardest test in Games history is here. Five men. Five women. Day 2 of grueling…


25 thoughts on “Event 7 – Snatch Speed Triple – 2020 CrossFit Games

  1. 38:26 still leaves a bad taste in my mouth watching Noah just quit on that last lift. Only competitor to not finish a snatch ladder and give 100% effort. Should’ve been given a bit fat 0. Would it change his place on the workout if he hit the lift? No. But they are supposed to give 100% and not just accept their place and quit. Super lame IMO.

  2. While tia is running brooke is walking like she has enough time.. Brooke's body is awesome and she has potential but she needs more focus and needs to speed up..

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