Event 4 – Handstand Sprint – 2020 CrossFit Games

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29 thoughts on “Event 4 – Handstand Sprint – 2020 CrossFit Games

  1. Mullet Man .. almost won by Sanctioned Cheating .. This is not good.
    There should a penalty each time your feet hit the ground.
    After all this is a Hand Stand walk for god's sake !!

  2. The mullet is not as bad as the man bun, but I think it's time for CrossFit to consider a rule to deal with the hair problem. Forget about Mullet Man's technique–we need to deal with the real problems.

  3. Basically, Castro programmed this lame old workout” if you can call it that “, cuz he knows this is a major weakness in Tias’ workout. I think he was hoping it was also a weakness for Mat but, NOPE!. One way he can think of scheduling a workout that allows someone else to win. Tia 9/12 – Mat 10/12 events won. Better luck next year, Dave.

  4. I hate how much credit the announcers are giving the guy who fell down like 15 times in the race but came in like third. "Wow he doesnt even look tired!" Yeah its because doing a handstand sprint without falling is a lot harder… why the hell dont they give the things that take effort credit?

  5. So another event someone has figured out how to cheat rep efficiently. Every 5 yards drop the handstand, shove off for a quick burst and drop again. Half of crossfit is simply "how can I cheat rep this efficiently and still call it an exercise."

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