EPIC ABS AND GLUTES – Dumbbell Workout, Hip Thrusts | EPIC III Day 3

One of the most intense workouts I have personally ever done! I don’t say this unless I…


30 thoughts on “EPIC ABS AND GLUTES – Dumbbell Workout, Hip Thrusts | EPIC III Day 3

  1. Caroline thank you for another killer workout!🌸 I have followed you since the beginning in your backyard, you are a beautiful person inside and out. I look forward to spending tine with you every day🤍

  2. Girl I am loving the new Epic 3 program! I always feel challenged when working out with you, but I’m am completely spent after this one and the one yesterday! Amazing as always! So glad to have found you, my body has made a total transformation and I FINALLY HABE ABS🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thank you for all that you do❤️

  3. I don´t know if I did something wrong but I don´t feel it that much :/ or ** is that one of those U don´t feel atm but U can´t walk the day after… xD anyways excited for next workout !!! FULL BODY YAAYY 😀 Thank´s C 🙂

  4. Day 3 done. You keep finding my weaknesses – on leg day I thought my legs are weak, then the upper body day I thought oh my upper body is weak, then abs day came and I thought there you go its a full set. Well, thus I am doing your series. Thank you Caroline

  5. Hello Caroline from Tokyo as always awesome workout BRAVO!!!! I like that yellow shorts very cute and that white bra top nice design
    Here the state og emergency has been lifted so …. still stay alert I think anyway hope things will change gradually and hope everyone be healthy and still be safe please thank you Caroline for your exciting workout Margarita

  6. I definitely did not smile at the end. I was done!!! Burning 100%. Wow, how she can smile after a workout like this, beats me! I feel amazing, must admit, but wow, this was seriously hard! Amazing workout. My glutes will tell me that tomorrow! Hopefully, I do not have to make use of any stairs!

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