EP #2 – How to exercise to keep your immune system healthy

EP #2 – How to exercise to keep your immune system healthy

Hi, I’m DR. Amy and today we’re, going to be doing an program that’s, designed to help you optimize your immunity function. I know now during the Cova 19 pandemic, everyone’s, worried a lot of things and the infection control.

Vaccination immunity have become hot topics worldwide. During this time. Absolutely nobody wants to get sick. So you want your own to be working at its full potential. Today I’d, like to introduce you to a very special doctor here: bum Arad International.

She’s, an anti-aging and regenerative medicine specialist named dr. rim Suri and today she’ll, be taking us through an exercise program designed to boost your immune function. Thank You, dr. Amy, for a great introduction.

There are several studies that have shown exercise of even less than 60 minutes can improve your immune function before we get started with the exercise that I’ve prepared for you today, some red flag signs before starting the exercise.

So if you have uninvestigated knee pain, uninvestigated, pain, other pre-existing medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, heart palpitations or history of vertigo, I advise that you talk to your doctor prior to starting these exercises with us.

Let’s go check out what exercise I have in store for you guys for the exercise portion of the video today:  guys. I hope you break a sweat and enjoy a little bit of exercise with us hope to see you again next episode

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