Advice fitness number 2,

A great, physical change, you don’t get by exercising you get by training friends, something that is key to understanding is that getting fit. It’s not just about taking care of your diet, as well as doing, some exercise rather it’s about caring, diet and training and maybe, you don’t quite understand the difference, between this exercise and training and the way, the easier it is to understand exercise, like those activities that lead you to stay healthy and that of course we should all integrate them , to our life like going for a run swim play football but who if they are more recreational than unlike training this if it is more specific and has the purpose that better so it should be done more planned for example exercise can be to go to play football every Sunday, to a Sunday league run goals and enjoy , with your friends, but training rather is going to the and meeting.

With a proper routine to stimulate, the muscles you want and with it progress from doing those squats, or press banking and trying to be better at exercising to be stronger the problem is that there are a lot of people going to the , to do for.

What they’re going to see that they want to train that day doesn’t know what weight they should use, or they don’t even know how to run that exercise properly and end their session if they’ve actually improved something by.

What they can do this for years and years and never have significant changes I’m sure, everyone knows, someone who does this are those people who month after month and year after year always look the same and so, they shouldn’t be, well, everyone, we should, be the .

To try to be better than before and the best way is to take care of the variables of our training where. The most important thing you consider mastering is first to know how to integrate well the right for our routine to have a correct technique in the execution of these, know how to manage optimal and well distributed workloads in the week and really strive in each series to stimulate, all muscle fibers on a par with always seek overload, progressive when training , to delve into this I recommend, a lot to see, this video on how to organize your training routine that I also leave you in the description, or in the upper right corner that when you start to have both good control of your diet and a good realization of the training is where now you will be able to improve the speed, with which you can have changes because training is key , to maximize, muscle gain, if you want, gain weight, or maximize.

The retention of mass, muscle in case you want to lose weight and lose, fat and good friends, so far the second, video about concepts, fitness like, I told you are tips, fast and very, simple but, very, useful to understand, to make your, process, fitness something, much, more efficient and already, you know keep staying, very attentive, to the channel, because to follow , uploading, a lot, content, to this section also in the description I leave all my complementary resources, to go, to fitness, such as the fitness calorie calculator, kaiser, or our smart diet generator that you can try completely free to make your own food plan of me, part I am, I hope, are very, well we see,

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