Egg Foo Young, Chinese takeout at home with perfect sauce 芙蓉蛋

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35 thoughts on “Egg Foo Young, Chinese takeout at home with perfect sauce 芙蓉蛋

  1. I Love watching ur vedios looking delicious and very simple foods.
    And i already follow some of foods ur cooking and taste so yummy.
    Thanks for sharing to us how cooking chinese foods.
    God Bless You Always.

  2. Looks wonderful thanks Ling, I'll let u no how it comes out, cant wait 2 try it. I'm a little behind the times but I lovevur podcast & I saw ur new one grilling with cameraman lol 😉

  3. I made this immediately after watching your video…I've never had this dish before but it looked so good…and I had all of the ingredients on hand…and it turned out perfectly…sooo delicious!!!! Thank you for sharing this recipe (and all of the others!)…I love your channel…💗💗💗

  4. I triedj jor egg foo young rec'z for the first time which, came out delicious. I found it very easy to follow not to mention the sauce, also, very easy to make n delicious too. Thank u for sharing.

  5. You're such a gentle soul. Thank you for this video. I haven't had egg foo young since I was a child, but watching your video makes me realize I have everything except the mushrooms on hand. I am going to enjoy this meal in the very near future. (Just added mushrooms to my shopping list.)

    By the way, might you consider doing a tutorial video on properly using chopsticks? I try, but the dogs, knowing full -well what's up, end up with half my dinner, as piece by piece gets flung wildly from the dainty sticks and into the air, or hurtles across the table, bouncing off walls or skidding haphazardly along floorboards, into their waiting gullets. And ohhhh, they are happy! (Me, not so much.)

  6. OMG, I have all the ingredients and I'm totally going to make this tomorrow morning along with my chocolate waffles. This is way easier to make than the classic omelet and that sauce is way easier and probably less heavy than regular gravy. I can already picture myself doing this. I could add sausage to the omelet, but I'll probably just make it on the side. And probably, if you can't make the sauce, you could melt some cheese on it. ^.^

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