Easy ab workout for beginner at home. Flat stomach exercises.

Beginner ab workouk, easy stomach at home to . Bodyweight workout…


16 thoughts on “Easy ab workout for beginner at home. Flat stomach exercises.

  1. I’ve been using Lumowell videos as a recommendation for my weight-loss clients, and came into this video to use as a possible option for a beginner. I love Lumowell’s platform and have seen a lot of personal and professional results from it. Stick with it, keep challenging yourself with longer and harder workouts- it pays off!
    That all being said, this is the first video I’ve seen with the “breathing” – YUCK! It doesn’t help guide breathing, it just sounds grossly sexual 🤢

  2. This is NOT easy…but it feels effective. It's nice when I just want a quick workout, especially before a meal. Any idea how many calories this will burn for a 110 pound girl?

  3. Just a guess, but i think the first exercise would be a strain on one's back.  Hence the reason we don't do "sit-ups", any longer.  Crunches replaced sit-ups because of the undo strain on the back, during the full motion of the traditional sit-up.

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