EASY 1 PERSON MEAL IDEAS | 7 Healthy Recipes from Trader Joe's | 2020

Finally showing you more of my favorite when cooking for 1 person! Today…


25 thoughts on “EASY 1 PERSON MEAL IDEAS | 7 Healthy Recipes from Trader Joe's | 2020

  1. Just went to Trader Joe's and got all these ingredients for the week. I just tried the quinoa, kale, and sweet potato and it was DELICIOUS!! So excited to try the rest of them!

  2. I love your videos so much!! <3 have you ever checked out Emma Lev? I feel like you guys would get along so well. Thanks for your videos :)))

  3. Try topping avocado toast with some arugula lightly coated with Trader Joe's garlic olive oil and a dash of sea salt. I also use this on sandwiches and avocado halves that I marinate in lime juice with salt and pepper, pizza you name it!

  4. I love you babe . I love the other dishes you made. I was so excited for part 2 . I made your chili from the last video and it was a hit at my house ! I can’t wait to make these Brussel sprouts!😍

  5. Hey Morgan!! You should check out Shelby church because you guys have similar set ups and I would love for you guys to make a video together. 😘😘😘

  6. Hi Morgan! If you're into chives, def try putting them into your scrambled eggs(salt, pepper, garlic powder ofc) and it goes perfectly w some steamed brown rice!!!!

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