EASILY GROW THICKER THIGHS AND BOOTY In 14 Days (REAL RESULTS) No Equipment-Intense At Home workout.

Ask me any question, i’m here for this INTENSE LEG WORKOUT AT HOME To Grow…


43 thoughts on “EASILY GROW THICKER THIGHS AND BOOTY In 14 Days (REAL RESULTS) No Equipment-Intense At Home workout.

  1. Hey Fam! Here is a more Intense Leg Workout to grow Thicker Thighs and booty🍑real fast. I’ve been getting positive feed back and real results from most of you🤸🏾‍♀️. So let’s jump on to this one💪🏽 🔥.
    Love yah, Jane💖

  2. starting this today! gonna update as i go:) also plan on doing a few ab workouts and walks throughout the weeks
    day1(6/2/21): i had dance class this morning and video done but WHEW the switching lunge jumps will be the death of me ToT

  3. 👇🏽*RECORDING RESULTS for 2 weeks*👇🏽
    Okay y’all! Never done this before, but I’ve lost a lot of weight from working myself to death the past few weeks and can literally feel my bones.. SOOOOO I’ll be doing this work out every morning starting tomorrow for the next 2 weeks. That’s when I see my military boo too 😬 so wish me luck and I’ll keep y’all updated. I’ll also be drinking a protein shake every morning afterwards and will let y’all know what all it has in it when I go to the store tomorrow 😊

    Starting measurements:

    Thigh – 19.5in
    Butt – 36.5in
    Waist –

    ✔️Day 1: Went well, I’m sore of course.
    ✔️Day 2: I was really sore, got through it though!
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

    Two protein shakes daily:

    • every morning, home made
    – Ingredients: .5 cup of gluten free oatmeal, tbsp of almond butter, .5 cup of almond milk w/ 10g of protein, vegan protein powder w/ 20g of protein, 1 banana

    • anytime snack, store bought
    – Evolve vegan protein shakes
    – 20g protein
    – either vanilla or chocolate

    Ending measurements:

    Thigh –
    Booty –
    Waist –

    Also I’m vegan, if that makes a difference too you.

  4. Day1: The workout was pretty hard but very quick.
    Day2: My legs are burning from yesterday’s workout but I got through it 😁.
    Next day: Break day
    Day3: easier but getting through it 👍🏽.
    Day4: Got lazy and didn’t do workout🥲 I’m ashamed.
    Day 5:

  5. I started this the other day an I’m so sore I’m on day three now it’s getting a little bit easier. I’m going to try this for a month wish me luck 😅

    DAY 2✨:
    DAY 3✨:
    DAY 4✨:
    DAY 5✨:
    DAY 6✨:
    DAY 7✨:
    DAY 8✨:
    DAY 9✨:
    DAY 10✨:
    DAY 11✨:
    DAY 12✨:

  7. It's almost 14 days I am doing this exercises these exercises are toning my leg muscles but I can't see any increase on my thighs and booty these exercises made my leg tighten …..plzz help me🙄🙄🙏🙏

  8. Day one: Legs were burning during exercise and I wanted to throw up. i took lots of breaks but got it done. Imma do it for 2 weeks and update yal everyday.

  9. School just ended like an hour ago and ima be doing this workout throughout summer and I’ll update in about 8 weeks or so

  10. i am a begginer and would like to grow my thighs and booty 😊😊 i hope this is the one i am looking for😊😊 will update again after 2weeks😊

    "may i ask if is it daily or there are rest days??"

  11. Okay I’m going to do this and update you guys everyday. I’ll add my measurements each week (everyone’s will be different).
    Starting Booty : 34 in

    Day 1: Wasn’t bad but pretty sweaty

  12. Going to start this, I'm in my second lockdown what better way to use my free time. I'm a stick rn sooo… Let's see how this turns out.
    Day 1: the jump execises have me out of breath hopefully it gets easier in the coming days.
    Day 2: Did ten minutes on the treadmill for my warmup and it helped a little to make the workouts easier
    Day 3:Was able to follow along with her without taking my own separate breaks
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5:✅
    Day 6: rest
    Day 7:✅ my legs feel firmer
    Day 8: didn’t do legs today
    Day 9: it burns

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